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In order to get women into the Army, feminists decided to make claims about the "superiority" of women by claiming they feel less pain and are also able to withstand the heat better then men. Needless to say, the sycophants in the armed services complied, spreading those lies and therefore making way for women to join the army en masse.

They did have to change the application standards ofcourse as well as the exercise regimen as well as start up a "Baby Sitting Service", just to accommodate all those saintly females, those unstoppable killing machines. But that's besides the point ofcourse..

We had those lies printed in the "Newspaper of Record", the feminist controlled New York Times, to encourage females to die just like them men do, that was another farce ofcourse..
In a review of the records of veterans of the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan, researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine and Veterans Affairs Connecticut Health Care System found that women were less likely than men to report any pain, 38.1 percent to 44 percent.
Several factors there were ignored in this study, but it was grist for the feminist mill in a push to have more body bags containing female parts and remains, than were showing up at the moment, it was the principle ofcourse. They also made that claim about the female soldier being far more efficient, periods and all..

Now we have those same lies countered and one would have to die of old age for any feminist to retract or even apologise for those lies but in order to do that, one would have to have some level of integrity or even a conscience. Both are devoid in feminists..

Now we have the precise opposite, actually we have the truth and another feminist lie exposed..

Study: Women feel pain more intensely than men.

Women experience pain more intensely than men, according to a U.S. study.
 The study, reported in the Journal of Pain, reports that women seeking medical care for a wide range of medical problems in the hospital or clinics at Stanford University School of Medicine reported higher pain intensity, on average, compared with men with the same diagnoses.
Women reported more intense pain in 14 of 47 disease categories, while men did not report more intense pain in any category, ABC News reported.
We all know where this is going. Now we will have the endless demands that women's pain has been ignored, more money will now have to be allocated to study that and women will now have to be  specifically assessed and a special drug will have to be invented so the poor dears will not suffer so much even though at the moment, they are the bigger medical drug users already. They are victims didn't you know..

From my personal experience over the years, they complain endlessly about anything remotely "painful", which would include a vast range of psychosomatic as well as "real" pain, they are human. I have seen them complain endlessly about a splinter in the finger. I mean, who actually really believed they could stand more pain to begin with. I do wish they would make up their minds as I am getting dizzy by this never ending claim of women being "superior" in every department then Men and over the years, each and every claim made by lying feminist have been relegated to the scrapheap. Amazing..

CDC: Women were more likely to use prescription drugs than men.

Now tell me how these lies that feminists have intendedly formulated, help women again?. We have radical feminists (mostly lesbians and the biggest bunch of violent abusers cannot be found) who go to extremes to claim how superior women are. They build them up just to tear them down, so who does that actually help. Certainly not the members of the opposite sex. Young female college students are endlessly dragged into those lies via "Women's/Gender Studies indoctrination classes che", just to find out later, if they feel like checking that out, only to discover they have been conned. Each sex has their own benefits and abilities and it has yet to be rationally proven that one is better than the other but radical feminists keep claiming it has been the case. Who knows where they get those lies from..

Feminist lies will inevitably cause more misery and suffering and for no benefit except keeping themselves in highly paid positions, so they can keep dishing out this level of tripe..

Women will pay in the end and it's already happening in more ways than one. It's about time they decided who their enemy really is..