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Getting rid of the body and evidence, standard feminist coven practise.

The saga concerning Schwyzer really is a sad and sorry sight to behold. The sad part about all of this is that now the feminist hordes are just demonstrating what total hypocrites and sexists they really are. We have a so-called upper echelon member of the feminist hegemony, a male feminist, being castigated and marooned by the very church that he has attended for most of his life..

Schwyzer has spent years preaching the feminist doctrine, it's deconstruction theories. He even  turned against his own sex in order to assimilate feminist aims and goals and apply them in real life. A task that is ofcourse impossible as feminist theories are based on assumptions and lies. Try living a lie and it will sooner than later, catch up with you. Schwyzer's mistake was to confess some wrongdoings, for which he was hoping to achieve some or any level of forgiveness. He was hoping that if he opened up and confessed his sins that the feminist church would expunge his past evils, he would pay for indulgences and move onto greener pastures..

What Hugo failed to comprehend a few simple things that he should have known right from the start. In order for forgiveness to be given, the feminist congregation he appealed to would have to have some level of compassion, (error number one), some indications of  dignity within themselves,(error number two) some level of honour that had to be upheld(error number three) and a contriteness that the flock would have to share(error number four). They had to actually have some original level of compassion for it to be overcome..

He forgot about the mentality of the gathered assassins who had already determined that there must be someone who must  pay in order for their order to continue. They decided that the transgression was just too wicked to be ignored and the price must be paid..

Remove Schwyzer, he is a male.

Imagine for a moment if Hugo had of been a Hugeena, how proud feminists would have been at her efforts. At her "power" to overcome what must have been a totally evil situation. Imagine the praise and glory she would have received from the same bunch of feminist hypocrites as they  toss Schwyzer out because of his sex.Feminists will forgive anything female but a male is on borrowed time

We have stated all along that male feminists are only there at the whim of the "movement", while they prostrate themselves sufficiently and pay homage to their superior idols.

Out came the priesteses who consisted of same minded people as Hugo -

Here are some statement from Jill at the feministe site stating the obvious ofcourse..
Hugo to be banned from Feministe, link removed and comments denied..
 Feministe is a community that centers on women and feminist thought..the decision to not link or promote Hugo’s work is one that all of the Feministe editors have agreed on.
.. I am committed to developing a feminist-centered and responsive, responsible community here, which means not linking or promoting Hugo.
No feminist has yet claimed any responsibility for the negative effects of the poison they spreead and promote which makes the above statement from feministe rather superfluous....

Also this comment regarding Feministe -
When I saw people were demanding Marcotte be banned from Feministe because she was friends with Schwyzer, that’s when I knew mob mentality had overtaken legitimate criticisms of Schwyzer.
What was that you were saying about building a "responsible Community" again Jill ?

So we have a group of people who are highly positioned and involved in the feminist hegemony and they are as follows -
Hugo Schwyzer who is a self confessed drug user, abuser and brags about having sex with young students. Regarded as one of the leading lights in the feminist movement who is aided and abetted by Amanda Marcotte, who of her own accord promotes hate and misandry..
We have -
Ginmar, who is on full disability and taking anti psychotic meds. she is a regular commenter on Feministe and feminists sites promoting the feminist hegemony and doctrine.
We also have
Male feminist Jeff (All MRA's are rapists) Fecke stabbing Schwyzer in the back in order to maintain some level of popularity, also prominant in the feminist hegemony pecking order..  "am going to find it awfully hard to link to him". One of Hugo's friends
And here we have another nail in Schwyzer's coffin or should that be another match for the pyre. Scarleteen (a sex education site) removing all of Hugo's articles and banning him completely..
Previously unknown information about this writer and his history has recently been made available to Scarleteen with which we have very serious conflicts, including conflict because Hugo chose not to disclose these things to us prior to working with us. For the benefit of the safe environment we always aim to create for our users, and in accordance with the ethics and practices of our organization as a whole, Scarleteen no longer wishes to be associated with him or his work, which is why his contribution was removed.
Seats will need to be booked as there will be a rush of bookings expected for the final removal of all rights and privileges, ofcourse..