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The Company or Government Departments/NGOs Award..

There are quite a few things that I have done to be proud of. Maybe way to boring to mention here but one that stands above the others would be the introduction of the "Mangina Awards". This award was generated to recognise the lame and incompetent, the ignorant and delusional, in other words, feminist men.
There are actually three different types of awards. One for individuals, recognising the efforts of male feminists and their total commitment in worshipping, obeying and total capitulation to the opposite sex. An action demanded by their feminist partners but abhored at the same time. Standard feminist double-think in action.
The individual/Femi-slave Award..

Next is the Individual/Group Award which recognises either a combined group effort or individual efforts by feminist men and their inane presentation and reconstruction of masculinity as well as their adherence to feminisms fake doctrine. It recognises their total capitualtion and abeyance on an individual or group level.

The Special Individual/Group Award for major misandric efforts..
The Company Mangina (top image) award recognises any company. government department or NGO that operate within the areas of feminism's demand for capitulation and abeyance. A much sought after award with plenty of competition.. 

Apart from recognising their total abeyance to the feminist discourse. By pursuing an agenda of recasting and reconstructing the male masculine. They are also recognised for the introductions of anti-male laws, promoting misandry in advertising or demonstrating sexism towards man or boy. The "Good Man/Men  Project et al" is a prime example of this in action. Trying to replace normal masculinity with some feminist variant,  admired by no one and loathed by all..

A bit like trying to reassign the feminine qualities of females by turning them into slut walkers, narcissist experts, obedient robots and pro-abortion enthusiasts...oops.."

Current Award winner are -
Barack Obama.
The Good Men Project.
Hugo Schwyzer.
Valenti's wimp.
Scott Berkowitz.
David Futrelle

Other recommendations are welcome..

Anyway, I digressed..

The Damned Olde Man states exactly my thoughts on this subject as well as my personal sentiments towards this miscreant..

Redefining Masculinity – Fuck Hugo Schwyzer

or How Much Beer Can You Drink?

John Belushi
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“There is nothing either guilty or shameful about living in a male body. There is nothing wrong with wanting sex with women, liking football, or enjoying beer. There is something wrong with deriving one’s self-worth from how many women one takes to bed, or how well one plays football, or how much beer one can drink. And there is something very wrong—something worth feeling guilt over—about promoting that narrow definition of masculinity to other men.”  - Hugo Schwyzer
Hugo Schwyzer is a guy I doubt I’d spit on if he were burning in front of me. Well, ok, I would, spit on him that is. The guy wouldn’t even be on my radar except that blogs I read regularly keep bringing him up. So I have a vague sense of who he is. He’s a wannabe male feminist (mangina) who would desperately like to be one of the guys while remaining one of the gals. Since the guys won’t have him, he likes to take pot shots at them in his spare time. The trouble is that he seems to think that the guys that won’t have him are even more despicable than he is. He’s wrong, of course. But as the old saying goes, even a broken clock is right twice a day. Schwyzer’s no broken clock. He’s more like a broken calendar; he’s right about once a year.
I found the above quote on Reddit where it was attributed to dear old Hugo. There was no real context given so it’s entirely possible that I’m taking this out of context which would be plausible because it is one of the very rare times I can agree with him. At least I can agree with the quote, as is, with no context provided.
Feminists frequently use shame and guilt to make men feel bad about being men. Male sexuality is attacked and condemned with regularity. Masculinity and masculine values are frequently associated with patriarchal oppression of women. And any male who expresses himself sexually is automatically deemed a threat to every woman in existence. But being male, being or acting in a traditionally masculine manner, and/or wanting sex with a woman is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about. In fact, it should be celebrated and applauded. Men who were unafraid to be men are the men who built the world. This is nothing to be ashamed of or to feel guilty about.

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