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Note they show a male principal where the majority are now females..

As if the educational systems are not already screwed up enough by the total lack of male teachers. A direct reason why boys are dropping out or failing at school, that is obviously an area of no concern as generations of boys are relegated to the scraphead and only the "girl" is of interest..

Sadly and unfortunately, this "only girls matter", managed and staged operation instituted and ingrained into the schooling ciriculum will of cause bite those who benefit from it the most. That entire saga has dissappeared from the media, have you noticed. One would automatically conclude that the problem has been fixed and all things are just "puppy dog tales", best to leave it hidden..

The other side of the coin is this article below, where the dominant sex in the teaching industry are apparently not teaching at all but just sucking the blood out of the taxpayer. Obviously a growing industry as well. They fail to educate, they fail to control the kids and fail to ensure some reasonable level of education, so why not pretend to be a teacher and not teach, great erm, job, if you can get it..

Well why not blow a million pounds, there's plenty more where that came from and why use it for what it was supposed to be, it's not as parents actually care about what goes on behind close doors and just except the status quo..

by Neo-Guido

Pilgrim fans will love Julie Davies, a teacher in Haringey who hasn't stood in front of a blackboard since the turn of the century. Despite being paid £35,000 to teach English at Northumberland Park Community School in Haringey, Davies has been working for the NUT five days a week since 2000. Instead of teaching she seems to spend most of her time agitating against the government and leaving comments on Lynne Featherstone's blog. Guido particularly enjoyed the quote Davies gave the Standard:
"She denied being a "pilgrim" - a union official paid from the public purse. "I work really hard. I'm paid £35,000 a year by Haringey, and help when someone's in trouble. I don't work for the union. My substantive position is English teacher. If I stopped doing this [union] job I could return tomorrow.""
That's the plan Julie, that's the plan..

The Million Pound Pilgrim
Full Figures Reveal the True Cost Of Julie Davies

Guido has got hold of the original FoI response regarding Julie Davies, the teaching Pilgrim from earlier. As you can see the information provided was only in regard to 2002 and 2009. In this seven year period, Davies cost the taxpayer £679,198. This isn’t just her salary (£35,000pa), but the cost of paying someone else to cover for her too:

Given that Davies was also paid to do trade union activity for three days a week between 1997 and 2000, and five days a week between 2000 and 2002, the £300,000 figure quoted in the Standard tonight is way short of the real picture. Guido has been doing the real maths based on what she cost the taxpayer between 2002-09:

Sept ’97 to April ’00: 3/5 x (£679,198/7) x 2.5 years = £145,542

April ’00 to March ’02: (£679,198/7) x 2 years = £194,057

Add that to the figures given by the council and you get a cost of £1,018,797 up until March 2009. Add to that the £70,000 that Davies has been paid for 2010 and 2011, plus the cost of covering for her in that period and that figure hits £1,158,797. Over half-a-million pounds wasted on one teacher not teaching…