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Making One's Choices..

Here we have a documentary, professional presentation, by a Norwegian journalist who goes about finding out what the differences are between males and females. What determines our behaviour, interests and life's choices, based on our sex..
Feminists have been lying to everyone in this regard by claiming that our sex has nothing to do with our behaviour, thought processes our choices, it's all influenced by our environment. Feminists have been claiming that "we are the product of our environment and NOT our sex"..
The Norwegian researchers the journalist first approaches, echo those exact same delusional believes and make those statements on camera and on audio recording equipment which he takes with him as he travels around the globe speaking to other specialists in their chosen fields in America and England..

All those specialists have spent their lives studying their specialty and produce studies and facts that they themselves have instigated and verified. One scientist explains a study done in 59 different countries and explains that there were no differences with the same sexes in their choices regarding work and lifestule. The sexes in those countries demonstrated that same level of interest in undertaking the same type of work in regards to their sex. Studies from the middle east, Asia, America and Europe all showed the same results..

Females choose work that ensured they had contact with people which they found fulfilling and males went into technical areas which satisfied their interests, there were the usual crossovers ofcourse but they were negligible. A flat line for both sexes across all the different countries. Rather fascinating but nothing new to anyone who has spent more than a few years on this planet..

But try and explain that to the ignorant tunnel visioned social scientists back in Norway. Even when they were confronted with the facts and studies via video they still refused to accept the evidence..

 Mind boggling ignorance is clearly demonstrated but then again what would you expect from ignorant feminists wearing their tunnel vision glasses. Incredible..

The video is extremely interesting, it is in Norwegian but has subtitles, it is also 38 minutes long but well worth a look..

Here is the link to the Video Site and here is the Password  hjernevask  (which means Brainwash)  to watch it on their site in Lounge Option (Full Screen) if you like..

Or Just enter the password into the Enter Section.. Password..   hjernevask

Brainwash 1:7 - The Gender Equality Paradox from Harald Eia on Vimeo.