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A WoManifesto – Newyear’s resolution: Part 1:
What women want
Guest Author - Joanna T.

I am at a huge disadvantage. I accepted a challenge for which I am ill-prepared.
Men NEVER listen to women about relationships. According to the grand dukes of the manosphere, they shouldn’t.
I agree.
But what if I told you I was a Red Pill woman? OK, not helping. 
What if I told you that this post was commissioned by a man who specifically wanted a sympathetic woman’s point of view?
I feel a slight shift in resistance.
What if this post was heavily edited by this man to make sure any male-bashing nonsense was excluded?
Ah, now I have an audience.

I like men. Just because. 
I am a woman. Given that I am not into self-hatred, I also like women. Especially those who like men.
So without further ado, allow me to proceed.
This post and the rest which follow in this series address the problem with no name. That which has seen a gulf the size of a small planet develop between the sexes.
Christian J had the brilliant idea to collaborate in an effort to address the issue in a hopefully lighthearted manner and see where that leads.

I have another problem.
I am doing this all wrong.
The first post should be one about ‘What women can offer men’.
I know. I know. Women these days are all about what they want, rather than what they should give.
I promise you, there is a good reason I am doing it this way.
In any war negotiation I imagine (now, it must be said: I have never been a negotiator for say, the UN, so my speculation is purely that - speculation) that the most efficient way forward is to allow each party a chance to be heard first. Once the cards are on the table, demands on each party can then proceed. This may not guarantee that everyone is happy in the end, but I believe it is a good start.

Christian J will be posting a similar article on what men want from women.
I guarantee you something. His list will be longer than mine.

Let me preface this by letting you in on a little secret:
Most women really need to have a (good) relationship. That is her raison d’ètre.
Relationships are a woman’s domain (link to let the woman chase you).
The feminists will shoot me for this, but it is true.
This means that most women are prepared to work hard to keep a man.
So, with respect to relationships, you are already onto a winning streak if you were born male.
But you already knew that. It is no secret.
All women want from a man is...
That he ignores her bad behaviour and rewards the good.

That’s it.
So, guys, you are already doing it right if you have Game.
The biggest complaint women have about men is that whatever they do, it is not enough.
Some women really try hard for their man. Let’s call these women the ‘nice girls’.
They are the feminine women, the ones who actually like men. The ones men say they want.
These women get passed over for the ‘bitch’.
These ‘nice women’ finish last.
Most of these women remain nice. Some start to change, to turn into the bitch.
When a woman with a low ‘number’ realises that the slut is getting all the male attention, she wonders if she is doing it wrong.

When a woman who cooks for her boyfriend and encourages him to spend time with his friends watching the game on Sunday afternoons is passed over for the drama queen who has ‘issues’ with time apart from her man, the first woman will (mistakenly, of course) not repeat her ‘niceness in her next relationship. It is simple Pavlovian conditioning.
Nice girls finish last.
One way to solve today’s SMP problems is for men to do their best to nullify this idiom.
Nice guys finish last was a good propeller for you to learn Game. It was appropriate for you
This is one example of where men and women’s differences should be celebrated (link to Male and female He created them). When a woman is not nice, she is not being feminine.

Masculine men want feminine women.
Encourage the feminine.
Discourage the bitchiness.
That is, if you really want to find and keep a good woman.
Most women are good women. Despite feminism.

A small minority are too entrenched in feminist ideation to be reached by common sense and goodwill. Avoid this woman. She is easy to spot. Many men in the manosphere have already had the misfortune of her acquaintance.

Unfortunately, the unintended consequences of this encounter has been the birth of the axiom ‘AWALT’ (All Women Are Like That).
The problem is, it does not really matter whether you are right or wrong.
The serious problem here is that this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
Here’s the sequence of events:
Man encounters the ‘not so nice’ woman who wreaks havoc on him by the time she has finished with him.
Man learns Game as he gets older.
Man becomes proficient PUA who preys on the younger generation of women.
He is ‘successful’ with numerous of these, in a casual sense.
As these younger women mature, they turn into their older counterparts. Rinse and repeat.
I get it. Youth=beauty=fertility=what men want.
I respect Game. But only when it is used honourably. One of the laws of physics is that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 
In other words you reap what you sow.

If you indiscriminately take advantage of the younger generation, you will breed horrible older women.
The sad thing about the women of the younger generation (Generation Y) is that they are unbelievably immature. This is a trend that began with Generation X. 
In previous generations, girls matured faster than boys. That was Nature’s way to ensure that a woman’s maturity coincided with her peak fertility.
The unintended consequences of feminism (which has had a greater direct effect on women than men) is that this is no longer necessarily true.

An older man pursuing a young girl for marriage would in previous generations have had no trouble. It is after-all in accordance with Nature. The problem nowadays is that the young girl is too immature for marriage. Most young women are not marriage-minded until well after their twenties, thanks to feminism. In addition, the very young woman has an understandable natural aversion to the much older man. Parents are more upset if their daughter is cavorting with a much older man than a boy her age. There is a reason for that.

Even in primitive societies where very young women were forced into marriage with older men, it was rare that this young woman was anything other than a reluctant bride.
Generation Y women are the same, even more so. They are ‘creeped out’ by the much older man even if he is this man (link to ‘The curious case...). The more adventurous ones (perhaps even more immature than their peers) would engage in casual encounters with these men if they are Gamed hard enough. But it does not end well, of course.
Rinse and repeat.

In conclusion, one way to solve the riddle of today’s SMP is this:
Game with good intentions. Reward good behaviour, ignore the bad.
That’s it.

Christian J. Response from the Dark Side..
What Women Want..

To be honest, when I first read Joanna's article, it had an immediate response. It was one of incredulity. How is it possible that men and women want the same thing and how come we are both complaining about the exact same issues. They actually see themselves as being the odd one out. This cannot be right, a woman can get just about any male, at any time. It is the case that women are making life as difficult as possible for us. It is them, who make all the demands and it's them who make all the decision about "the relationship" and it's them who toss us aside whenever they have an inkling that the grass is greener somewhere else, rip our hearts out, shred it, return in a plastic bag with the FU tag attached..

That is precisely what we have been told, witnessed and feasted on for years..

The incredulity remained as I remember the copious amount forums and articles I have read and commented on where those exact same issues were raised by guys. Each and everyone of those issues were mentioned, pointed out and complained about; these are the exact same claims that Joanna states, that affect women at large. It just doesn't make sense..

The epiphany appeared once the thought processes kicked into gear..

It definitely is the case that we were attracted by that "slut", that "look at me I am so sexy" individual who was showing the goods and demanding acceptance. The same ones who were forward and not shy, made the conversation and the first moves. The same girls who were less of an effort to get to know and willing to hand over the goods instead of it being akin to some “aircraft without a pilot talk-down” episode. The same one who made the game easier to play. But the same who would just disappear and leave you wondering what the hell you just did wrong.. 

Joanna on the other is quite right about guys putting up with women's bad behaviour, I have witnessed that and so have you. Those loads of obnoxious harridans whose standard behavioural patterns demonstrates that they are out of control and someone needs to straighten them out at all costs. It almost appears to be the case where that type of behavior is now the preferred standard. I cannot understand why but apparently it is evident in the majority of women in the western world. They have been educated to behave in that fashion and passed it off as being a "strong" woman, when in reality all she demonstrates is an obnoxious level that only it's cat would gladly ignore..

The other side of the coin is ofcourse the introduced legislation that protect women to such a degree that one is hesitant, probably too shit scared to criticise any female in the fear of being falsely accused or abused, either physically or verbally. The rest of the audience would gladly join in as well because again, it's their mindset. Excusing bad female behavior is norm and any attempt to correct it will be punished..

So what do men want in a female?

It is a simple question and I am no expert but the answer appears to be quite simple as well. It's a relationship with mutual benefits..

Think back to when you were in your early teens and you were physically affected by a member of the opposite sex (you stared, your heart raced, you had no control over it, it was embarrassing when someone pointed that out and even then your were a complete goose in that person's company) and you could not work out why, how scary was that, it still happens. That first encounter has made everyone wary ever since. How can one single individual affect you in such an overwhelming fashion, you can still remember it now regardless of age. How is that possible when you have met, spoken to and been involved with thousands of other people. 

One of life's greater mysteries..

We like the idea of a female partner sharing situations that arise. One comes to mind and that is the party situation where you are talking to friends and your partner walks up behind you and slips her hand in yours without saying anything or demanding the front seat. The joy of introducing your squeeze to your friends without ceremony and her acceptance of them is rare, but should be just normal. Afterwards just walking away and leaving you to it (many times in the past I have witnessed wives and girlfriends wander on the scene, had a listen and wander off, fine)..

We enjoy the occasional impromptu squeeze almost anywhere accept when we are talking to someone and your partner walks up and kisses you in front of everyone else, like your a tree stump and she is just marking territory..

We like it when major issues can be dealt with in an unhysterical fashion, calmly work out the problem and create a positive outcome. In the majority of cases, that would be the logical step to take. We greatly dislike it when a minor issue requires the rest of the day to rectify, when initially the one single step to fix it was ignored..

We generally like peace and quite whenever possible. Prefer to be told what the problem is, instead of having to guess.  If we are told that “it's nothing”, then as far as we are concerned, that will be the case. I think the majority of males hate it when asking "what's wrong" and the response is "nothing", when in actual fact we can sense that it's just a lie. The response is taken at face value, fine, forgotten, move along..

Men are deemed to be totally devoid of sensing emotive situations and it has been something   completely ignored, only women can “feel” we are told. It was not that long ago that Hollywood propaganda actually admitted that men have feelings, surprise!. Emotional responses send out copious indirect recognisable signals that some can detect more than others and right there lies the potential for future drama queens to go into act 5, if queried and acted upon every time. Some women actually enjoy the drama of suffering, note the movies they enjoy watching..

But I digress, I wanted to show some examples of behaviour that the majority of guys have stated they would like to see and for their girl, to take note of. The other side of all this was that women appear to not even bother with finding out what their men like and dislike. It appears to be irrelevant..

This is an endless topic as it would eventually hit on personal preferences. My inkling was that both sexes enjoy the exact same things, they both immensely enjoy a great relationship with a member of the opposite sex but we have been arguing and discussing with the harpies and harridans who have accepted the feminist indoctrination and forgotten about all those other girls who are out there wishing for the same outcome..

It's going to be a long road back..