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Please, spare us the 'women’s politics' 
The Left's vision of feminism and women's issues, treating women as a homogenous group, is ridiculous, argues Ruth Porter.
Gee, if only that was possible. We have been bombarded by that endless sickening "What women want" hysteria for so long that the majority of generations on this planet was raised up with it. They actually know of nothing else. The endless hype, screaming rhetoric and demands, that we have had over the years were purely generated by marxist feminists in order to achieve their own fantasised Utopia. The marxist version which has over the centuries never eventauated to begin with. That marxist dream consists of seeing who could murder the most amount of people within a given time limit. More people died while marxists reigned than did all the wars combined and you could probably thrown in the additional headcount from death by disease as well..

But that did not stop feminists from having another go at it nad probably with the help of the global warmist movement, they were seeking that same outcome. Strangely enough, they were actually trying to outdo each other in finding ways to disperse as much money as possible onto the least deserved..

So we have that tired old boring and in this day and age, inane bickering over feminism and that tired, well trodden or bled to death topic, "women"..

Is there no end..

Obviously not. Out they drag the narcissists to once again raise that old topic but this time with a difference, it's actually got two females debating it, for a change, gee, which basically means that they both get to argue, and thrash to death, that same old tired topic once again and keep it insanely alive..
Girls, girls, girls: it’s time we draw a line under the obsession with women and "our" issues. The level of debate over feminism reached a new low this week with the discussion between Laurie Penny and Louise Mensch on Newsnight.
The media is fascinated by this issue, either focusing on the “battleground for women’s votes” or on topics such as whether BBCRadio 4's Today programme has enough of us on. Newsnight seems to be leading the charge with its all-women panels. I suspect it’s got to a point where feminism is now being given disproportionate air time, but no one’s done a study on this yet.
Oh yes, if this had been a promotion for a product, it would have been banned because of oversell, people would have complained to the company and to the appropriate licensing department, filed about being bored to death and would never in return buy the product. The product would have been banned as tasteless and useless, for it's failure to live up to expectation and refunds would be demanded. All money spent on the product, to be returned The company would have to go into liquidation, never to rear it unworthy head again, one can dream..

There's more unfortunately..
There are many different types of feminism, some based on ideas of sexual difference, others on a focus on androgyny; there are schools of feminism in a neo-Marxist tradition that look at power relationships between people, and there are others focused on the rights agenda. Some of them must logically be wrong, as they are trying to accomplish entirely contradictory things from each other.
What was that I was saying about marxism again..

Anyway, I can't take any more of that useless blathering. If your prone to self inflicting punishment.. Here is the link..