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Rags to riches over night. Unfathomable advantages when you become a member. All that is required is a DNA sample to ensure your possess the XY gene and off you go..

Leap tall buildings in a single bound..
Throw Fireballs with your bare hands..
Receives copious luxuries like your very own yacht with heliport, including your very own helicopter..
Cruise the world in your very own private Gulf-stream jet..
Eat at all the best restaurants..
Own your very own mansion..

No More Waiting in Line for anything, ever..

As this offer is limited to the male sex only, it will bypass all of the following issues that you would normally be forced to face..

No more standing in line for food stamps..
No more visits to the homeless centres..
No more unemployment..
No more banks foreclosing on your mortgage due to unemployment or child support payment..
No more overseas duty as a soldier..
No more dying younger than women..
No more automatically loosing your children in family court disputes..
No more attending automatic DV lectures about women being blameless..
No more being automatically jailed under false rape claims..
No more automatic prison terms for daring to install "angst" in any female..
No more being passed over for promotion because of PC..
No more refusals from University for being the wrong sex..
No more racism charges for being a "Man"..
No more government policies deferring directly to women..
No more suicide..
No more capitulating to feminist discrimination and sexism..

As you can see, we have not included all the benefits, as there are too many to mention but membership is free. Join for your free, life long membership, this includes your Patriarchy ID, go anywhere, open access card..

And you will see how life should be..