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The Daughters of Feminists wondering why they should be different, you know, shave legs and stuff..
Just to increase your education just a little more regarding those radical feminists. Have a look at this rather comical set of events that every female can look forward to, with their compliments ofcourse. It has always been the rad fem's dream to remove either every single male from the planet or just keep a few drones around for mating purposes, probably those ball-less male feminist wimps who would offer no resistance..
Undercover Punk aka Bess Hungerford - I have reservations about framing “revolution” as the natural or inevitable conclusion of radical feminist theorizing. It seems generally accepted that “revolution” will cause the total destruction of all existing social institutions because revolution is only means of eliminating the “root” of female oppression. Thoughts which support revolution are therefore “radical;” everything short of that is not-radical. Not-radical thinking has no place in “radical” feminism. I’ve been turning these assumptions over and over in my mind. The belief that female liberation through “revolution” is even possible leaves many unanswered questions for me.
For example, how do feminists propose that we destroy all social institutions? With physical force? I think violence is counter-productive to feminism, but let’s pretend that women can use violence as a means to a greater end without harming ourselves in the process. I will suspend disbelief and take as given that women have also been successful in destroying all the buildings and physical infrastructure men have ever built; that we have effectively destroyed all the historical records and organizational documents of patriarchy (and that no one is secretly harboring any of them).
Now bear in mind that we are looking at RadFem's version of being polite as this blog is indeed in public view, which indicates how they believe that the public is ready to be exposed to their lunatic rantings and behaviour..

The lunatic feminist by the name of Undecover Punk(blog link) is no other than Bess Hungerford, another member of that sadistic movement and member of the Radfem Hub forum..

Hungerford also has a Facebook page which shows all of the other revolutionaries who are all apparently ready to die for the cause as those radicals are poking and prodding the methods of eliminating half the earth's population, which will ofcourse take some major effort and I will leave you to ponder those missteps in their stupidity, to contemplate. A more lunatic bunch one would be hard to find. Matching even the KKK, but making it sound nice, just like being handed a mushroom and wondering whether you would survive eating it...

According to Agent Orange, here is it's facebook page..

So we have Undercover Punk exposed as Bess Hungerford and exposed with the level and type of psychopathic ramblings it promotes. What warms me up the most is the responses to this lunatic's ramblings, you know, like, like she actually has this really good idea and I am going to like help and stuff..
More Hungerford - So, how would women eliminate these residual subconscious biases? This is my primary reservation about revolution as liberation: human minds cannot be wiped clean of patriarchal ideas. Freeing women from the tangible constraints of patriarchal institutions is a noble cause, but revolutionary results will require us to transform ideology as well.
That appear to be the major problem where Hugerford is concerned. What they would really need would be one of those mind erasing gadgets, you know those, the one that girls keep discovering all the time. And here I am fixing their problems, again..
Sargasso Sea - How would we solve problems and distribute resources? I simply don’t have faith in human (read: female) “nature” to magically work-it-out.
Freeing women from the tangible constraints of patriarchal institutions is a noble cause, but revolutionary results will require us to transform ideology as well.
This is indeed getting trickier all the time. After murdering every man and boy on the planet, with the exemption of Hugo, Manboobs and Flood (been given their little room and a test tube), they would have to have a close look at each other apparently, as there may be some residual "patriarchal" thinkers among them and they might gum up the path to invoked Utopia, which is even further down the road than initially anticipated, like the next county..

I have another suggestion though, how about George Orwell's 1984, it could well supply the answer. They, the Matriarchy, could connect every, erm, erm, cave (with nice curtains) to the erm, erm, citizen broadband radio system as soon as someone reinvents it and have those propaganda sessions just like in the book..
Likewise and that’s why I like the idea of “Resolution”; it’s resolved, for instance, that a “revolution” would end with a whole lot of revolutionaries who still see through patriarchy-warped lenses.
It’s a resolution of each and every woman’s moral intellect we’re really after, I think. Then things could be really, really different. Maybe. I hope.
Ooh, Ooh, oh, I know, pick me, How about they just wipe out all those females who they think may or could possibly be or may some time in the future, think about that other "archy" and just take them outside and just shoot them as well. It should be easy as they have just wiped out them other Patriarchy members without blinking..

Easy peasy, problem solved..

....Will you stop helping them,.....idiot!!..