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Just like the Global warming enthusiasts enjoy spreading fear and possible mayhem as they have been for the last 20 years, so have the feminists matched that same methodology. They appear to be working with tag team precision. Taking turns with who can frighten people the most, feminists with their "All Women are VICTIMS" hype or the AGW Global warming hoaxers with the "You will die in your bed real soon by fire and brimstone, oops wrong religion, by being barbequed or like a drowned rat in 100 meter tall waves" rants, that will ofcourse never eventuate, not this lifetime anyway. We'll all die of nagging and boredom first..

So here are a few comparisons from the "BBQ and Drowning" crowd, first off the block. It compares the "Computer Predictions and Models" with the real events over the years, that we have actually seen daily and were recorded without fibbing..

I borrowed those charts from here

The bad news is that they have been telling fibs and exaggerating just a little, actually they been fibbing a huge amount and its made them a lot of money..

Now for the Feminists not to loose out on the hysteria level, they thought they would jump onto the bandwagon by raising this bit of exaggerated fluff and also treat females like animals, trusts them up in plastic and displayed like a popular meat product, just for effect..

Now how degrading is this and why are they using white females when they are obviously referring to other countries where the skin colour is different. Is this feminist racism at it's best ?

Should they not be more concerned about denigrating and using women as sex object and images. Should they not have poked holes in the plastic so they can breathe, what are these people thinking ?

Most of women development effects from climate change can result from: increased temperatures, severe weather, rise of sea level and droughts. Three main issues of climate change that can be linked to the sex trade are: Water: As climate change causes droughts, it would be more difficult to attain water. As women are forced to travel greater distances to find and capture potable water they are at a higher risk of kidnapping and con-artists who are linked to the sex trade industry.Agriculture: Climate change causes severe weather patterns that could make temperature rise and fall more drastically making seasons shift. As these seasons shift crops will be affected the most. It would be difficult for people to grow food. To offset the decrease in crop output women would be forced to look for better paying jobs to pay for food they otherwise might be able to grow themselves. The need for higher economic stimulation would make these jobs offered by sex trade con artists seem more valuable than they might have before. Trees: Climate change and the resulting droughts would put a strain on the forests that supply the paper industry in Cambodia with their trees. As paper mill production drops workers may lose their jobs and would in turn be forced to look elsewhere for employment.