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I find it fascinating how easy it is these days to find another pro-male, anti-feminist site. The Manosphere is working well as we pass on information including links, articles and a copious amount of other information..
I followed this link after a recommendation from another member of the Manosphere. It just works fine..
 Whatever that word(Manosphere) is supposed to mean (cannot find a reasonable explanation), we should adopt it to promote positive issues regarding men. Works for me..

Combatting Feminist Ms-Information 
Robert Sheaffer

Refuting the Most Common Feminist Lies and Pseudo-Scholarship

NEWS: Steven Goldberg has a new website discussing "Patriarchy." And Galina Miklosic has translated the information on this page into Belarus

It's official now: Science Magazine and the University of Chicago Press own up that the "Peaceful Ancient Matriarchy" on Crete was just a
politically-inspired fantasy. (But remember how fiercely it was defended by so many "intellectuals" just fifteen years ago! Remember the fuss over Gimbutas, Eisler, etc.?)

Is There Anything Good About Men? by Dr. Roy F. Baumeister. An invited address given to the American Psychological Association on August 24, 2007, it gives seldom-heard answers to feminists' charges that men are dysfunctional (or worse).

Bonobos are celebrated as peace-loving, matriarchal, and sexually liberated. Are they? "Frans de Waal... who is the most frequently quoted authority on the species, has never seen a wild bonobo." (And how did so many bonobos lose their fingers and toes if they're so "nonagressive"?)

The feminist movement as we have come to know it in recent decades is fundamentally a "con." It is as filled with falsehood, inaccuracy, and foolishness as astrology or parapsychology. As it is considered treasonous to criticise a sister feminist, no standards of accuracy or honesty are ever enforced. Hyperbole and deceit thus become the formula for success, "peer review" playing no role in reining in misinformation. Any would-be feminist who raises scholarly objections to the rampant misinformation ( Christina Hoff Sommers Camille Paglia Wendy McElroy Elaine Showalter Erin Pizzey Elizabeth Loftus, etc.) is branded an 'enemy of women' and is drummed out of the movement.