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Is that Taunting ?

There are still a few things that gladdens my little heart and that is the sacrificial offering feminists make of their own, hoisting themselves on their own petards..

The self-immolation of Schwyzer and Marcotte is a sheer pleasure to watch. As some may already know, the GMP (Good Men Project, a feminist enabler site) appears to have come to the realisation that feminism is up against the wall and disappearing faster than this morning's fog, they need to introduce an attitude shift if they want to survive the steamrolling affect the MM has finally engineered, constructed and is currently steering in their (Feminist) direction. Anyone who does not see that obvious state, does not deserve to survive..

I for one have demonstrated what Hugo Schwyzer was and is all about, over many years. Here is a pretend feminist of the worst example, one who not only claims to be a speaker on feminist issues but also claims to have some magic formula for turning men into the pathetic example of himself. A confused, self loathing male who pedestallises women, solely to serve his need for their affirmation. This pathetic example has already confessed to behaviour that most would be jailed for and rightly so. But here he is, serving as a "Women's Studies" professor at Pasadena City College, allowed and permitted to carry out his own claims of bedding young students and steering hapless males into his own theoretical hell by claiming it has some relevance to their lives. The entire episode is way past sickening and the long term consequences of his interferences will be a long time coming..

People like Schwyzer should be locked away, treated and helped, not given a position as a lecturer in an establishment that affect young adult minds..

Here is one example of his fetishes -

He Wants to Jizz on Your Face, but Not Why You Think

The article is just another example of self promotion and staying the course with usual rabid use of feminist terminology while trying to infuse some level of indifference on a topic that he apparently prefers to raise. Most of the male feminists, are a gaping example on how the psychology industry reqiures some major reconstruction in order to recognise obvious conditions applicable to their field of interest..

Here are the examples of the hand-wringing and angst levels that Hugo has probably deliberately instigated..
As a feminist who is a friend of Hugo Schwyzer’s, I’m very disheartened to see that there are self-identified feminists who would take such a reactionary stance against Hugo without looking at his words, actions, roles, and past in context. It’s a disappointing moment in history when we as a movement attempt to expel our best members based on quotes and accusations carefully culled to be as misleading and inflammatory as possible, simply because someone doesn’t fit the mold of being the perfect feminist with an always do-gooder past and the right demographic background.
 The problem some people have is, they are incapable of actually seeing what "looking at his words, actions, roles, and past in context" actually means. Those hazy, rose coloured, femi-tinted, glasses will have that affect..
STFU Sexists - As a feminist who does not have a personal relationship with Hugo Schwyzer, allow me to completely insincerely and disingenuously apologize for making you disheartened when I and my own feminist friends spoke out about our discomfort for having this man as the mouthpiece of feminism.
If, at any point, any of my close personal friends starts a fairly lucrative career based upon saying the same things that women have been saying for decades while relating it back to how it affects his white male self — and it comes to light that he totes tried to murder someone but it’s all okay now!!! — feel free to not take my friend’s miraculous transformation at face value.
It really is a laugh a minute. But I am sure a lot more commentary will follow as they fanny back and forth, trying to justify their own preconceived ideas without actually facing the reality of it, at all..

Feminists Against Hugo Schwyzer.

Marcotte Later, now there's a topic..