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One does have to wonder why we have those endless attacks by the feminasties against MRA(Men's Rights Activists) or in my case a "Male Renaissance Agitator" ( a phrase coined by Fidelbogen ).
Renaissance - Origin: 1830–40; < French, Middle French: rebirth, equivalent to renaiss- (stem of renaistre to be born again < Latin renāscī; re- re- + nāscī to be born) + -ance -ance
Appropriate, as MRA's existed in the early 19th Century for the same reason we exist today. That being,  that we refuse to be trodden underfoot, discarded as cannon fodder and relegated to third class citizenry. The ongoing attacks by "Male" feminists like Futrelle et al, really is something to behold. Let me show you why..
Futrelle - When I started my blog Man Boobz around six months ago, I intended to mostly discuss the issues motivating those in the Men’s Rights Movement, and to highlight some of the sillier misogynist emanations from men’s rights activists (MRAs). But the more I delved into the movement online, the more convinced I became that, for most of those involved in it, the movement isn’t really about the issues at all.
" the movement isn’t really about the issues at all." That statement, made me think of something written in the past, I have grave doubts that it was intentional, as that would require some knowledge of history and those malcontents are already too busy trying to rewrite it. The line that came to mind was a reference to Bill Shakespeare's "Much ado about nothing"..

I wonder why they feel so threatened by MRA's ?

The "..movement isn't really about about much at all" contradicts the author as Futreelle spends most of his time, just like Hugo, writing about issues that in their opinion, is really about nothing. One does have to wonder if he can actually detect any irony in his own comments, one also wonders if he is capable. I know the girls have a similar problem understanding irony, so one has to wonder if there have been changes underfoot or under boob!

 For number two, includes an obvious lie, we have this remark -
"I intended to mostly discuss the issues motivating those in the Men’s Rights Movement"
That statement is as far from the truth as anything can be. Futtrele's  ulterior motive has always been  solely motivated by his hate of any resistance to the feminist hegemony. He continually produces any   remarks or comments made by any individual, that he perceives to be a member or claims to be or assumes to be and selects the most offensive comment he can find (by scanning/monitoring selected forums, blogs and sites), even though the individual, making the comment may not even be a member or remotely regarded as such or could even been a deliberate plant, an impostor/troll in order to produce  grist for his slander mill, creating new headlines he elevates as being representative or being the general attitude of the MM and/or MRAs. I and many others have witnessed these trolls on quite a few occasions. I definitely would not put it past these opponents to introduce someone in order to play or enhance the vitriol they constantly spew at the slightest excuse.

This is precisely what this recalcitrants indulges in, locating tripe and trivia, blowing it out of proportion and exposing it as the latest "News" release and introducing imaginary issue..

This is normal behavior for any feminist, I expected this dishonesty and highly questionable behavior. I have come to expect nothing less. In order for anyone to become a feminist, one must shred their integrity, abdicate their honesty and throw their dignity out the door. It appears to be standard operating procedure, you cannot be a feminist and have a conscience at the same time..

Their mantra should contain "Eat, Drink, Cheat and Lie", it would be more accurate..

What's Wrong with David Futrelle: A Comprehensive List

What Futtrelle avoids mentioning is ofcourse the sound thrashing he received at the hands of Paul Elam, when Paul threw down the gauntlet and challenged this ranting, raging Lothario  they debated those "Issues" that he claims to want to discuss, remember those "issues motivating those.." in the men's movement. The debate did not last long at all. The lothario gathered up what was left of his hubris and headed home, dragging his teddy behind..
Sad to say, well actually not really, that Manboobs took some time to recover, as his little spot in the corner, where he was licking his wounds and denying his medication, had to come to an end, sooner or later he would have to face reality again as he was actually starting to loose weight..

Feminists peeing standing Up, whoopie..
The problem that Frutthelle has ofcourse is the fact that feminists have built their argument on lies, exaggerations and half-truthes, no one is going to win any argument with that as their foundation. Add to that the copious examples of old feminists, their leaders like Friedan and Dworkin and the "female Pedophile" Greer, these women were seriously afflicted, either deranged (Dworkin), affected by psychological issues(Friedan) or demonstrated their warped outlook to the world with delusional, imaginary, greatly exaggerated books, going against their own beliefs (Greer, will not release her doctorate thesis as it would totally contradict her book "The  Female Eunuch"), when asked about her childhood, it was her mother who had greatly abused her)..

When one looks at the overall standard of people who promote that feminist Movement, the "leading" feminists, most are authors of male-bashing, male denigrating books and studies and preach their hate on lecture tours disguised as growth opportunities. You can see why feminists are impossible to deal with. On most occasions, whenever you look at any prominent feminists on the web and delve into their background, you will inevitably find major issues in their own lives, either psychological or physiological (sexual deviance and lesbianism) issues and they use feminism and it's doctrine of hate to rage against everyone and that includes both Men and Women..