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More Hollywood feminist Propaganda..

One can understandably be confused by the attitudes of the opposite sex when it comes to feminism, their own part in it's growth and nurturing, it's interference into laws and the family courts, wonder why they are having problems with finding a partner, blame the male sex for all their issues, and yet, still not make one single confession about how they were party to it all. Their overall attitude appears to be "well it's happened", so lets move on. The blinkering process is ofcourse part of the female behavioral pattern and mindset, it demonstrates clearly that they nor feminists, will ever admit to being party to the most destructive upheaval society has ever known. All this came about with their compliance, with their help and assistance and now that the end result of feminist meddling is glaringly obvious, they look the other way and pretend that it was something they had no control over whatsoever..

How is that working out for you now I wonder..

The endless carping by female journalists and feminist enablers demostrates also that the outcome they wished for was just a dream. Radical feminists are still working on that reality outcome which ofcourse will never be achieved. But meanwhile, we have the ongoing carping about the sexes and the end result being, that a movement run by women in order to install special privileges for women at the cost of all men, has not delivered what they assumed it would and there has to be blame metered out and its for certain that the privileged sex ain't gonna wear it even though they are totally responsible and answerable for it..

Have a look at this article and a few paragraphs I pulled from it to demonstrate precisely how these female journalist enjoys nothing more than blaming men for what women have gained from..
(Link to article)
This message seems to have come through especially loud and clear in Italy where it is only too easy to find men who are the embodiment of the self-indulgent stereotype. The effeminate man-child is a plague in Italy; vain, self-important, shallow and self-seeking mamma’s boys who live in their parents’ house into their thirties and forties. The once-family oriented Italians are increasingly either divorcing or refusing to marry in the first place.
Italian journalist Rosaria Sgueglia writes in the Huffington Post that the former master of the Costa Concordia is one of those Italian men who match the stereotype point for point. Italians are “furious,” she wrote, at “people like Mr. Schettino [who] do nothing but compromise the already damaged image the rest of the world has of Italian people.”
Now as far as I can tell, the female journalist writing this article is supposed to be on our side, enemies like these eh!.
But, as you can read and even if you read the entire article, there is not one single word of blame aimed at her own sex or even bothers to point it out except when referring to the feminastie movement as being the only one accountable which is ofcourse only half true. It is the usual demonstration of living in denial as they obviously and blatantly shirk their own responsibility and accountability because they are so pissed off with the way things have turned out and they are now well aware of the fact that there is absolutely nothing they do about it. Their generation will pay for the excesses and now they live in regret and in some cases, in abstract terror as their own dreams are shattered beyond repair. Life in their opinion, is not supposed to be this hard. It's all been turned upside down and they are absolutely besides themselves wondering how it got this bad..

We have been telling them for years that this will be the outcome. We have stated it precisely, patiently and consistently and did they listen, no way. All those euphoric goals promised by lying feminists were just too good, too imaginable, to easily achieved and guaranteed as they manipulated employment laws and promotions. They were basically given everything they wished for and took the rest for granted. I would like to think of it as payback but I think that is a little too simplistic. It is more like a rational response where men have been washed and scrubbed in the feminist toxicity and decided that maybe that relationship or partner can legally do me over without even trying and I stand the chance of loosing everything I have to an individual who has already demonstrated that she is incapable of keeping in a relationship for any period of time, will automatically call on legal representatives as a standard procedure, just to see what she can get out of it all, it has to be made worth her while..

None of it looks like it worth it or even workable anymore. The parents never had these issues, so obviously it's this current generation or three, that has decided on the tactics they want to use, so why bother to give them any chance at all. It will be the case where all this will get worse before it gets any better.  Even that remains to be seen as women generally are more interested in complaining about it all rather than actually doing something positive about it. That first step would the hardest for them, it would mean they would have to accept some accountability, if not all the blame and I do not see that happening, ever..