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Just when you had thought you had heard it all. No longer is it sufficient to be declared as the "Goddess" of the Planet, ensured every possible legal and monetary entitlements, are within your greedy grasp at any time you wish. Not only have they been given carte blanche over laws and automatically employed over them men just because of their plumbing.

Nope, apparently not enough, not even remotely near enough for the Goddess to survive on the planet that she finds herself strangely imprisoned..
 Other courtesies must be applied in order that recognition of her lovelyness is bestowed, this purveyor, regurgitator and consumer of Protein and Pasta. People must pay abeyance, curtsy and fawn in her presence. No expense should be spared in ensuring that it's stay on this desolate planet should demand that she dirty her hands on meaningless labour, bother with the mundane daily activity of trivialities like preparing food, and more food and deserts or demand that she wash one's own clothes and, gasp.. expect one to dress oneself. It is barbaric to expect the Goddess to suffer in such meaningless, humiliating fashion..

Heads must roll and tax payers dollars must be found at incomprehensible amounts to appease this, this, this lazy, good for nothing layabout. But ofcourse, she will not be told the truth as that would be sexist and discriminatory, she is a woman donchaknow. It would be unfair to hinder this mincer of Gaia's soil (oohhh, dirt) to actually make it own way (what me walk!) just like everyone else. That would be unheard of. Because she is so special, more special than everyone else..

Tim Blair

Thursday, February 16, 2012
“Just when you think you have lost the ability to be shocked by the madness of this victim-centred, dependancy-obsessed, human-rights-fetish world, you read this," emails British reader TC:

The woman’s lawyers are bidding to convince the High Court the council is legally obliged to lay on a full care regime for her, including support staff to help her wash and dress herself and cook her meals.
Her legal team says the council must also provide staff to accompany her when out shopping, when she goes to the gym or “weight management” classes – and even when “she goes to a disco on Friday nights”.
All because she’s fat.