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I have read articles about this same issue before. Producing false statistics on sexual assault, sexual abuse, attempted rapes, amongst other claims, have previously been produced by errant and obvious members of the feminist movement, solely for the purpose of inflating the figures and increasing their funding..

There is nothing new about it but it does demonstrate why they had to change the "Assault" laws at Universities, the numbers were not increasing the way they wished and their funding was indeed in jeopardy. We are talking about millions of dollars to one University alone. An amount that they would ensure is forthcoming on a regular basis even if it meant supplying false information to increase the statistics.
By doing so, feminists and their ignorant drones could now point at those figures and claim a massive increase of plague proportions, was under way and thereby ensuring even greater funding still. The artificially inflated figures also gave rise to more male bashing efforts by campus feminists and their lackeys in government departments. Other incoherent ranters who like nothing more than pointing the finger. They are totally indifferent to whether or not the stats. are just lies, artificially inflated or imaginary, facts to feminists are irrelevant as they can easily make up their own as they have already done..

To the feminist movement it was just more fodder for their male hating bonfire..
All of these organizations are interrelated and work together.  The DA's sexual assault unit which is heavily grant-funded, works very closely with victim advocates for the District Attorney’s Office and from the Yolo County Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center.  Additionally, the unit works in partnership with the Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center.

Ms. Beeman will take the fall here in this case, particularly because she embezzled and misused money from the grants.  However, there are problems with the entire funding system that relies heavily on grants that are often competitively awarded.  Such competition produces incentives for agencies to show results. 

Results could mean the prosecution of cases that are suspect.  We previously showed how a DA statutory rape grant (Block Grant) may have led to the DA attempting to pursue statutory rape charges against then-18-year-old Michael Artz who had sexual relations with a 16-year-old classmate.

We also have the more extreme abuse, where county crime statistics were falsified.  In September we had an entire story on that, but the Beeman case is another clear example.
 So it's not a matter of it being a "one off" situation, but ongoing.

Former UC Davis Violence Prevention Director Arrested

beemanreadyCase Shows Systematic Problems with the Use of Grant Money For Law Enforcement Efforts -

This week UC Davis announced that, more than a year after it was acknowledged that the longtime director of the Campus Violence Prevention Program had exaggerated the numbers of forcible sex offenses reported under the Clery Act in 2005, 2006 and 2007, the former director of that program has been arrested. 

The arrest of Jennifer Beeman occurred on December 9, on charges of embezzlement of public funds and eight other felonies in connection with her alleged misuse of public funds as director of the Campus Violence Prevention Program.

According to the warrant issued by the Yolo County District Attorney, Beeman is charged with one count of embezzlement of public funds by a public official, three counts of misuse of funds by a public official, four counts of false accounting, and one count of fraudulently altering an account. All the charges carry potential jail terms.

A joint investigation by UC Davis Police and the U.S.Department of Justice, Office of the Inspector General included a search of Beeman's banking records. Beeman is believed to have embezzled from $2,000 to $13,000, according to investigators.

In addition, the university returned over $100,000 to the U.S. Department of Justice, due to questionable costs the university identified in the use of a grant awarded by the Department in 2005.
 As much as I hate this topic and dislike the idea that this does go on. The outcomes these days is so fuzzy as it would be almost indeterminable to identify precisely what action was undertaken in order to determine a conviction. The rules have changed so much that one could make a false claim and have that claim identified as true, according to the new laws that Obama's Hench Women in the White House have introduced..
In September 2009, UC Davis announced that Beeman had exaggerated the numbers of forcible sex offenses reported under the Clery Act in 2005, 2006 and 2007. UC Davis corrected those figures in 2009 and has taken steps to improve oversight of the collection of Clery Act statistics.

UC Davis’ Campus Violence Prevention Program provides victims of sexual assault, stalking and domestic violence the opportunity to divulge the crimes in confidence and connects them to health care and other support services, regardless of whether they choose to file a police report.

What becomes more interesting is looking at the connections between Ms. Beeman, the Yolo County DA's Office, and other organizations with regards to grants and grant funding.

One of the interesting connections was between Ms. Beeman and the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault. 

CALCASA was one of the organizations hit for misuse of federal grant money.
On and on it goes as it filters down the line to so called genuine organisation who now all come under the same fraudulent behaviour insinuations. That entire industry has come under dispute as more and more facts are exposed and more lies and misinformation discovered. If it exposes anything, it exposes precisely how feminists operate and how careless they are with other people's lives, be that both male and female. But as we have already witnessed in other situations where feminists are involved. They don't give a damn as long as the numbers are in their favour..