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This may become the standard response for parents dealing with the rebellious daughters who slang/sledges her parents as well as every other adult in her life. It's one thing having a bitch on Facebook and we already know that those comments are for keeps. But to wallow in self pity and condemn and blame everyone else in your life for your own decisions, has to be the standard behavioural pattern that today's American women have mostly all decided to take..

It is also the excepted standard of behaviour that feminists promote. You are blameless as far as they are concerned and you should always blame everyone else for your pathetic, illogical and selfish behaviour. One does wonder if this will worsen or whether it will finally set some norm..

It's is standard practise for teenagers to piss off their parents and here is just another example of how not to go about it. Facebook is not your friend, it is your enemy, as so many are now finding out, much to their detriment..