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Another Feminist Male Hate Campaign..

Information received by WMASAW via an anonymous tip, demonstrates how the "White Ribbon Campaign" is just another Feminist ruse at changing the "Violence against women" legislation to ensure in the way it is written, no effort can be made against their tailored anti-male doctoring of the facts . Ensuring that only men are seen as domestic violence perpetrators and women as only victims..

The proposals put forward by feminists like Stephen Fisher..
 From Violence to Coercive Control: Renaming Men’s Abuse of Women
A report by Stephen Fisher White Ribbon Policy Research Series No.3
See also the article on AVfM on Fisher..

Australia – the new Saudi Arabia of radical feminism?

Steven Fisher’s lies to Australian men

Another F-word: Flood, now Fisher

We have found out that the White Ribbon Campaign stand to secure funding of 100 Million dollars  when the "The Plan" is introduced by the Gillard government with the assistance and guidance of radical feminists. They stand to gain the most by doctoring the legislation so only men are seen as perpetrators and women the exact opposite. This is the standard approach taken by radical and all  feminists as we have witnessed by their endless efforts over decades, ensuring that all legislation carries that bias, discrimination and obvious sexism..
More from Fisher -   Each of these points can be best addressed by taking a profeminist stance on men’s violence against women. Such a stance “... acknowledges the gendered nature of this violence; addresses the complex nature of power, status and inequality between women and men in our society; and is committed to eliminating both this violence and its impact to improve the lives of women and children.” (Costello 2005).
Feminists have continually utilised their mantras along these lines as they pursue this one sided mentality to ensure that one sex is the victim while the other is the opposite. They oppose any mention of duality, they deny totally that any female is capable or undertakes violence on or at any occasion. They even want to discredit anyone who make claims that violence is a societal issue by reassigning it to men's violence and women's victimhood. That entire feminist concept has already been soundly discredited as not only hypocritical but soundly untrue. Women are violent, they do abuse and they are capable of killing, maiming and abusing their partners but that is not what feminists like Fisher or the "White Ribbon Campaign" is even remotely interested in..

This ongoing effort has been promoted and encouraged by Gillard's government ministers who we already know have direct ties to the radical feminist movement in Australia. Ministers like Tanya Plibersek who can also be aligned with radical feminists who attended the SCUM Manifesto in Western Australia in September 2011. That conference had many attendees and speakers who are directly involved in the family law legislation efforts at ensuring that only women receive every possible benefit either monetary or advantageous inclusion in legislation while men are and will be removed as victims and their rights removed and relegated to third class citizenry. Their aim is to ensure that women will always have the advantage whenever any claims are made regarding domestic violence and only men will be automatically arrested as is the case in the "Safe at Home Legislation" in Tasmania at the moment. That legislation ensures that only the male is arrested as being the "larger size" individual taking part. Thereby they try to exclude women altogether..

There is already copious legislation in place that covers DV, but feminist want to ensure that only men are targeted and arrested. even when a claim is false or instigated during some feud in the family courts over children. Feminists have demonstrated that women only matter and men are to be the discarded fodder, thrown in prison as the behest of the female and have no rights in relation to a court or legal argument in order to establish his innocence. As far as feminists are concerned, being male already means you are automatically guilty..

Feminists are trying to redefine their strategy by renaming Domestic Violence as Coercive Control. Thereby and once again introduce a complete new set of interpretations that ensures that only women are victims and men the sole perpetrator..
For any organisation that places emphasis on awareness raising it is crucial that there is a clear sense of awareness of what and awareness to what ends. When we are told that men should ‘end their silence’, and start ‘speaking out’ what exactly should they be talking about in terms of violence prevention?
In the emotional and contested area of men’s violence against women there has been a long, complex and often covert struggle over how to name this issue. To name men’s violence against women in a way that reflects the complex nature and dynamics of the violence, including the relationship and social context in which a man perpetrates this violence, there are a number of key points that men involved in men’s violence prevention should understand. These include the following:
a)    violence is gendered
b)    violence is primarily a social and structural problem, not an individual or medical one
c)    violence involves processes of coercive control rather than only acts causing physical injury
d)    men’s physical violence against women is a crime
e)    perpetrators act in dynamic and strategic ways.
More to follow on the people involved including Radical Feminist associations and the cadre of well placed people in government as well as journalists, who will force this legislation through..