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When anyone has a difference of opinion regarding any issue, one would at least expect the courtesy of being able to discuss that difference of opinion in a civilised and practical way. If and when anyone agrees or disagrees, whether they either agree or disagree with said topic or article or opinion piece. It would be assumed that that opinion is at least heard rather than shouted down. That is normally how consensus is built and a positive outcome reached. Part of those processes are usually a compromise in order to reach some level of cohesion or workable idea and outcome..

It has always been the mainstay of the Men's Movement to succinctly put across considered and well thought out response and argument in pointing out why we are against certain aspects of the feminist rationale. Not purely for the reason of "because it's there" but because many in the MM realised that the way they presented their arguments and justification for their actions were plainly hypocritical, discriminatory as well as sexist, which they claimed they were supposedly working against..

In the past there have been quite a few efforts at engaging feminists, either by demand, suggestion or recommendation and on the odd occasion it was taken up and as usual it came to absolutely no practical outcome whatsoever. The reason for that negative outcome was solely due to the fact that feminists refused to budge from their blatant and obvious lies and hypocrisy. The case in point would be the Futrelle and Elam debate, which would have had a positive outcome if the male feminist had not introduced their own manufactured studied lies and misinformation, as proof of enforcing their viewpoint as sacrosanct. Bear in mind that a similar discussion eventuated between the MM and PUA(Pick Up Artist) community in which the debaters worked out differences and everyone walked away with a better outlook to both viewpoints. Differences were examined and discussed, worked out and all or most went away with a feeling or sense of a job well done. That use to be what discussions and debates were all about..

But with feminists, this is never the case. We have in the past witnessed their leaders demonstrate some minutiae of regret at the methods they used to discriminate against men and often women as well. But apart from that, their attitude is one of "We are Right and You are Wrong". Which does not give any hope of ever reaching some level of compromise as that attitude demands that one side must win over the other..

I can give you many examples on how feminists respond to legitimate attempts at discussing issues.Here are a few that I have come across personally..
MRA - Should the Education departments be concentrating on one sex and ignoring the other?

Feminist response - You're sexist.

MRA - Where VAWA is concerned, why is it possible for a foreign female to be able to make false assault claims against a citizen of that country and have the government help convict him?.

Feminist Response - You're racist.

MRA - How is it possible that a mother can deny access to the Father to see his children?

Feminist Response - You live in your mother's cellar and you have a small dick..
You may think that those comments are exaggerations, but anyone who has spent any time on feminist sites, posing similar questions, did and would have received those usual evasive personal attacks as standard feminist responses and behaviour. That type of action signifies precisely that feminists have no leg to stand on whenever they are faced with sincere questions quiring some of their doctrine or viewpoint. Even that outcome varies to such a degree that one would have to allow for the different types of feminists there are as each sector or segment of that movement has a differing viewpoint, opinion or explanation and not one single explanation is the same..

So, what are the chances of dialogue or constructive discussions with that irrational hate movement ? absolutely none. That is unless and when they decide to grow up and stop behaving like spoilt children who continually demand their own way and everyone else is ignored or demeaned as and treated as irrelevant..