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As some may have already gathered, I'm a skeptic. My time in the closet has come to an end and I must expose myself and tell all and sundry that, well, it's true..It's a bit like admitting that one is really the Hunchback of Notre Dame. A mutant, wearer of the tin foil hat according to the real believers. I become a purveyor of the endless drivel one must swallow to being the opposite, that was was just too great.

I found this declaration below and it forced me to finally come to the decision that I can no longer pretend otherwise. Having searched through the plethora of alternative views. It was this image below which finally determined that it was too selfish to enjoy all that comedy on my own and I should share it far and wide..

So I thought I would share this brilliant piece of artistry, with all and sundry, as it represented precisely what the general consensus is in this ongoing "war on warmist doctrine"..

Is it cold or is it my imagination..