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The SuperbowlXLVI(46) is imminent and the hysteria should not be too far away. Some interesting things happen when the Superbowl kicks off. All types of mass movements of humans and warring amongst others have been known to be ignited all over the US on this particular day..

It could only be seen as some type of miracle. One wonders about these phenomenons, how could it and how do they magically appear on that specific day. It's like some type of magic magnet, where are all those conspiracy theorists when you need one..

Just take a few moments to ponder those imaginary events. All of a sudden, this does not happen at any other time of the year mind you. One game attracts hundreds of thousand of victims, yep, victims. This does not include the actual audience ofcourse, nope. This amazing feat happens because of it. The mass movement of all those underage prostitutes are now heading towards that site to service their imaginary customers, hundred of thousands of them will be fleecing all and sundry of their hard earned dollars and this happens to every man, woman and child according to the hysteria agents who magically appear on this special day and mostly even a few days before the event..

They make their living making predictions about future, like soothsayers and crystal ball gazers, pretending they possess the ability but every time and every year they are demonstrated to be the charlatans that everyone already knows they already are..

Maybe they should set up a stand at the big event, so they can sell their well trod versions as a carnival act and sell show bags of imaginary information, containing delusional studies about that massive, huge, gigantic and unfathomable inflammation of argumentation and disagreeability that apparently eventuates in every household in the nation on this one single day of the year, like magic. They could even proceed with a special trophy and award that to the winner of those battles and I am sure she would appreciate that little act of entitlement..

And right on CUE..

Super Bowl Sex-Trafficking Hysteria Back in the News

"Don't mention the Superbowl" will probably be their end aim. This hyperactivity is designed to do five hundred and two things, even though it was originally four, designed to recognise and remove all levels of Prostitution, Sexual Assault, Kidnapping, Sexual Abuse, Prostitution, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Prostitution and ofcourse Sexual Assault and Sexual Abuse with Prostitution and Domestic Violence coming in a very close triplicate. It's uncontrolled and in plague proportions ofcourse. The entire country pulsates with it..

The other item on the agenda is ofcourse to try to kill the game and the event as well ofcourse.
Lunatics like feminists hate the idea of any one enjoying themselves ofcourse. They face the daily hate mongering as entitlement and savour every loathsome festering drop. They save it up, or as much as they can, especially for the Superbowl season.  So who are the cretins this time, one may wonder. What totally depraved, moronic, obsessed clowns are going through the motions this time, like they chose the shortest straw, I wonder. I also wonder if these cretins are on a retainer or just commissions?

 Greg Zoeller, Indiana’s Attorney General..
 Valerie Schmitt, coordinator of a human-trafficking outreach effort in Indianapolis

The cretin Zoeller is a republican, would you believe, a mangina of the first degree and a feminist enabler and another toady to the feminist movement, who once again have convinced another no-brainer into believing their drivel..

It gets better..

Schmitt works for a non-profit organisation that is supported by what appears to be a feminised Episcopal church that appears to specialise in women..(So much for the caution from Paul)
Bloody hell, no wonder men avoid churches like the plague..

Here is the rubbish it spews forth like it's some type of revelation..
“Whenever there’s a large event like the Super Bowl, we know there’s an increase in sex trafficking,” said Valerie Schmitt, coordinator of a human-trafficking outreach effort in Indianapolis. “There’s an increased demand for [commercial] sex and that leads to an increased risk that someone will be victimized.”
Aaahh gee Schmitt, no hundreds of thousands of underage prostitutes milling around, really..
I am so disappointed. That obviously did not go down too well last year and they had to tone it down dramatically, wonders never cease..

But there is no end in sight is there..

It would appear that cretin Schmitt only requires just one single person to be victimised just to make it all worth the while, just to make the claim that it actually happened. Are these people joking or what. What level of moron does one have to be to continue the feminist lies and exaggerations and publicly speak their trash like some inane robot..

Give me strength..