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One has to wonder why not one single wealthy man has come forward to make donations or throw his hat in the ring and support the Men's Movement and it's activities. It's not a matter of there not being plenty of worthy causes to chose from or specific issues that they themselves have been affected by or even have witnessed the total annihilation of men's honour and dignity being trashed by hateful and revengeful feminists. That would only take a minutiae of time to witness or see, as it is prolific everywhere in the western nations..

Have they all been brainwashed already with the lies and misinformation that the feminist hegemony has already introduced, have they been that cowed as to not even think about the benefits he would in turn receive..

There would be copious, if not millions of wealthy men out there who have faced the corrupt court system, the outrageous cash transfer from men to women. They would have been fleeced and not liked it, the law failed them and they had no justice and faced only revenge by that same system. Surely they would have realised that the laws put into place by male hating feminists and their enablers ensured they were trashed and left with a major reduced cash flow and holdings..

Some of those men come to mind, take John Cleese, Paul McCartney, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods and those are just the beginning of a list of millions who have been fleeced and screwed over by the "Female Biased" family law or divorce courts. It is not that they cannot read or do not spend time on the web, one could even be reading this blog for entertainment and a chuckle for his own personal amusement. Why does it not dawn on them that funds are desperately needed and required to further our charge against those male hating feminists whose only target and goal is to totally destroy man's reputation and standing on this planet..

Is that just so hard to comprehend. Too difficult to understand. To most of these men, a couple of million dollars is petty cash, they would use that for amusement or purchasing another toy while members of his own sex are falsely accused, jailed for no legal reason, forced into making payments to a woman even though he has lost his job and faces bankruptcy, little boys forced to take drugs at schools as part of their education, males rejected from university because the female quota has not been filled..

How about you do it for your daughters so feminists cannot poison their mind with their doctrine of hate and contaminate her for a life or misery and selfishness, drag down the honest ahrd working women's reputations, trash that as well and try their best to turn them into irrational, unaccountable and irretrievable whore and sluts. Feminists are busy restructuring women as well.. 

The list is endless and yet - NOT ONE SINGLE MAN HAS STEPPED UP. Not one who is willing to dig into his pocket and donate some valuable and desperately needed funds to fight the war of the sexes which is aimed directly against them. It is totally against my comprehension. Where is that bygone spirit of helping your fellow man, where has that disappeared to. Where and why has that disappeared and why is it that now those people who are fighting the good fight have to beg and borrow while there are millions of "well off" men, multimillionares, who are just too selfish and greedy to donate a one single razoo to those noble causes..

It is just so bloody frustrating and just so damn incomprehensible to understand..