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The most suitable poster applies..

I am completely fascinated by the comparisons of the feminist movement and the AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) hoax that all and sundry have now been thrown into via some outright lying and the dishonesty demonstrated of the last few weeks..
The fact that feminists have been undertaking that same path for decades does indicate that it is an effective way to make claims that otherwise would be so comprehensible, that you normally would not in your wildest dreams entertain any part of that nonsense..

But it continues just as Girlwriteswhat states in her video and especially in regards to male feminists who seem to live in a constant realm of fantasy as they make up stories that are along similar as the great lies told by the AGW fanatics. Reality and factual provable evidence is apparently all besides the point as they introduce one strawman argument after another. In order to straighten out those lies and erroneous stats, one would have to constantly monitor their sites to even get within a bull's roar of countering them and calling them to account. But that would require them to have a conscience..

But on and on it goes as more fallacies and inventions are introduced and those enablers are left to continue without any chance of prosecution or being held accountable for their brazen behaviour. Unlike Gleick, another Global Warming fanatic, who decided that lying and cheating was the best way to win against his self invented enemy, so it is with feminists of all sex, colour and sizes. It would appear that honesty and integrity are the first to suffer while they take the same steps to try and malign and denigrate the MRM as well as MRAs..

Some great examples of their hubris and agitprop is constantly on show without apology or facts to back it up. A prime example is from this usual feminised delusionary - Shani Hilton and it's article on "Street Harassment". These women are laughable. Incredible claims made and followed up with questionable studies as usual..
Kearl, the author of Stop Street Harassment: Making Public Places Safe and Welcoming for Women, is an expert who's surveyed more than 800 women in 22 countries on the kind of threatening, persistent harassment I wrote about a few days ago. One of her findings? That 1 in 4 women say they were harassed by a strange man in public before the age of 12.
Bear in mind as well that those Transit companies have installed security guards and every female has in their possession a mobile phone, which they can use at any time(mostly have it attached to their ear as it is) plus there are hundreds of people around who would help at the drop of a hat should anyone demonstrate they were even annoying anyone, plenty of white knights about. All any of those women would have to do is raise their voice or make some hysterical response as they usual do when they "feel" threatened. Also bear in mind that most of those claims have been made in cities like New York where feminists abound and are well versed in their discriminatory methodology..
 Toward the end of her testimony before Councilmember Muriel Bowser yesterday, Holly Kearl made a point to note that "sexual harassment is not mutual flirting or compliments."
Nope, sexual harassment is whatever a feminist determines it to be..

The entire event is ofcourse to ensure that women are given even more privileges along the lines of what they are doing in India, where they have their own Privileged Princess Carriages, which only the PP are permitted to use (Animal Farm anyone?) and they will be thrown off as has been the case by one man who accidentally strolled into one. It is another opportunity that feminists use to slander and malign all men and lob us all into one basket by claiming that all men behave in that fashion and that it is only females who have to run the gauntlet. This is typical feminist agitprop at work and sums up precisely what feminism is all about, detect any "equality" in their aims and goals, anyone?

The sexism and hypocrisy is right there for all to see, it's palpable and so obvious and yet we have these women claiming segregation is the only answer and apartheid it's only goal. Talk about dragging the world back to the 1800s. It demonstrates how retarded and destructive it really is while at the same time make the claim that it's for equality. I mean really. Daily they demonstrate their obvious sexism and discrimination on a world wide scale and still they have the ear of the law makers who are more than happy to reintroduce the Animal Farm at the behest of those sexist individuals..