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Might want to add this to a list of illegal activities whilst driving..

I find it amazing that we have heard very little regarding the request by radical feminists to kick all male feminists to the kerb. As I have no particular fondness of those male traitors, It appears to be a reasonable request. I mean, when you are addicted to a philosophy that demands that all men are scum, in the Scum Manifesto sense. Where it demands that all males on this planet be regarded as vermin, in that context, radical feminists are really only acting according to their inner enlightenment. In reality, what else could they possibly say. One decision obviously encourages the next, it's simple really. It's akin to Garbage Collectors or should that be Garbioligists (that job description went south as it was indeed a  bit like, you know , too trashy, ahem!) a name introduced by those politically correct infidels determined to rename all and sundry.Those same infidels then failed to comprehend that there would   be a backlog of rubbish piling up but then commence complaining about that rubbish..

It was that same mentality the radfem's faced and it was simple to just foist that same mentality onto all men and the elimination of all men, including male feminists ofcourse. But the problem with that request was that they would in return have no breeding stock to ensure only females(murder the males) were incubated in order to grow their Utopia, that also meant,  in order to fulfill their version, the complete and total razing of everything, buildings and all (I am not quite sure where they will house the 3.9Bil yet). Their total hypocrisy and it demonstrates exactly how their mentality works, is the fact they would have to have some sperm donors. Now in their moment of brilliance, they decide that "Alpha Males" would have to be preserved for that privilege, tamed by force and indoctrinated ofcourse, kept around as they actually realised that Alpha Males are the preferred sperm donors option, female  intuition at work again. I have explained that level of cognitive dissonance before I think, that mentality that feminists generally rely on to justify their lunacy..

So we have on one side of their much thought out argument, that all men need to be removed from the planet but on the other side of that same coin, they would require to keep Alpha Males around to be able to breed with the remaining women. Yes I know. But apparently it makes sense to them, we the unbleached, unwashed and rational members of the human race just don't get it. They do not consider themselves to be the end product of several conditions that one would find on the Psychology Today website, their severe conditions requires treatment, but that's another study. Again, that is not obvious to radical feminists..

On my travels on this planet among the myriad of people whom I have met, been involved with, in conversation and worked with. I have yet to meet an Alpha Male who would consider their wish as a viable option. Most, if not the majority of Alpha Males are self reliant, solid and no-nonsense individuals, who would not even spare a minutiae of thought on this triviality, yet entertain any idea of being dominated by any female, let alone a radical feminist version, as in the majority of cases, the women they automatically attract, line up at their door just for some attention and in return offer whatever they want. They pick and choose whoever they want and are not limited in any way. They have no time to accommodate the wet dreams of radical feminists, let alone be held prisoner by them just to be used as breeding stock. They would take over in no time at all and have them so wound around their finger that they would not have time to breathe, let alone carry out their "female superiority/majority fetish"..

It is just so laughable and impracticable, one can only glance at this type of dreaming as being the ludicrous nonsense that it really is..

I had the fortunate experience of working with one fine example a few years ago on a one year contract as a consultant. This Alpha was a millionaire in his own right, an individual focused and fixated on doing everything right and in order, which is where I came in. He had a string of customers of which quite a few were women, who would fawn over him and practice their well honed flirting procedures with abandon even though the majority were married. It was a sheer joy watching him operate. He had a huge selection of females in his little black book who were always on call, regardless of the notice and would erase any who did not comply. He would go out on about three nights a week with a different female, so let's do some sums --

Those radicals want to dispose of 70% of all males and keep 30% Alphas as breeding stock. So in today's figures we are looking at about 900 Million (3Bil Men @ 30%, Simplified 10% @ 3Bil=300Mil x 3).

One Alpha @ 3 females per week = 144 per year, means 6,250,000 Alphas would complete their quota in one year. Now try and convince me those girls would not be eating out of their hands in no time at all, lead the revolt and eliminate those radfems for screwing up their pleasure, and totally eliminate the rafems's Utopian dream. Easily..

It's back to the drawing board..

Which leads me to male feminists and their assumption at being the possible future breeding stock and I ask if you can identify one single male feminist who could be regarded as being within a bulls roar of being an alpha. Show me one who is above the whiny, self absorbed, female worshipping, self delusional stage and wonder if they stand, even a remote possibility of being included as breeding stock. Male feminists are party to, and promoters of, that radical feminist outcome and heartily agree that it should be the outcome. They promote feminism's Utopian concept with all their heart and whining, promoting a male hating doctrine that will eventually, if they get their wish, destroy the majority of males but at the same time demand by their actions, that they should also be part of that  Utopia. They actually stand no chance whatsoever. The writing is on the wall for their own destruction and yet they continue to promote a doctrine that will eventually eliminate themselves..

What does that tell about the mindset of male feminists. Better still, why have they totally ignored the claims made by radical feminists and thereby the general cadre of feminists, concerning their own sex and why have they ignored the wishes of the radical women they so heartily promote..

They have been told to get out, mind their own damn business and told to stop interfering in the serious female feminist business of abuse and annihilation, it's their "female only" hegemony, but yet they persist, ignore their own doctrinal leader's commands and continue their actions like nothing has be stated. They do so at their own risk. I wonder if the radfems will commence their actions against them first by eliminating them from the planet, now there is a thought and it should be something they should consider. Being eliminated by the same members of the doctrine they fawn over has a certain level of justice as well as immense irony attached, does it not..

It should also indicate how serious those radical feminists really are..