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It's fine accusing feminists of being hypocrites, as they are beyond doubt, but are they frauds or fraudulent as well. It has been the case where feminists have been soundly caught out and uncovered dishing out false or questionable information. The 1 in 4 example would be one of the most obvious. Those statistics were introduced into the argument by using a sampling methodology that would ensure it's outcome as ALL feminist studies undertaking are designed to do..

They decide the outcome before hand and then make the study or research fit the predetermined result..

Demonstrating females as victims is their number one aim. That single aim has also ensured that they are not held accountable for their actions as well. In order to explain away their lies and penchant for fiddling the figures, we have a great example as to how that justification is realised..

The ethicists, yes that is actually a discipline, have decided that justification for lying is dependent on what it is you are lying about. I can understand why a  research company or business would require some ethical standards or even governments departments (even though they appear to ignore it) The end, as far as they are concerned, is justified because the action was taken for a "good" cause. This is ofcourse is a convenient new way of thinking as many would already be well aware. Since when can anyone blatantly lie and then be cleared of lying or legal action, just because that one single individual was of the opinion that the action was warranted as their own "feelings" determines it to be the case. This is ofcourse the new "regressionists" thought process and it's how they justify their actions and keep a clear conscience..
 All of this falls in the category of dirty-pool politics that has a long established tradition dating back to the early days of recorded time. After all, deception, ethics, and morality are all relative, depending on one’s culture, circumstances, and purpose at hand.

It is only when one is preaching for some emphatic course of action, and then gets caught doing something that is to the contrary. This creates that undesirable circumstance and appearance of hypocrisy.
 As they say, anything can be justified and any lie can be converted to a truth when it claimed to be that often enough. That is ofcourse where the feminist movement comes into the picture once again. Their "1 in 4" statistic has been clearly shown to be misinformation, if not a downright lie, but they keep stating that same falsehood over and over again. The "1 in 4" women will be raped, the "1 in 4" female student will be sexually assaulted or the greatest lie of all is the "A women would never lie about rape". That statement was uttered by some feminist while they were trying to push through another of their illegal and sexist laws..

Feminists have practised this right from the beginning and it's time they were held to account over their blatant lies and fraudulent behaviour. But there are no feminists who will put their hand up to be counted as their leader. There is not one single feminist out there who can control or lead that movement as it is that splintered that any attempt would be a total waste of time and effort..

When one assesses the function, acts and  behaviour of feminists, one would also have to consider the fact that they are headless, leaderless as well as being dysfunctional. They have demonstrated that as well, when radical feminists try to take control and introduce their imaginary dream-time utopia that consists of butchering half the population and selective breeding. That goal should already indicate precisely where feminism is and what it's really all about. That also indicates that they are totally rudderless on their voyage, searching for some sandbank to run into to and other such cliches. The amazing issue here is that there is no one to hold accountable and no one to face legal retribution. They can and do make illegal laws, they make false statements, they do introduce misleading studies and they do promote hate and malice and yet there is not one single member of that hegemony who can be held accountable..

How deliberate is that ?