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Breast Cancer and raising funds has been a favourite of feminists(via Gov) as well as others, world wide. Billions of dollars have been raised for the cause as companies, governments and individuals lob in cash on a regular basis. Those same people, including governments, the companies and NGO's are all totally oblivious of similar cancers causing the same damage and more, in men, as it does in women. The disparity is mind boggling and one could also state that the current attitude is completely sexist as well as discriminatory..

Prostate Cancer in comparison, receives a little change, petty cash in comparison to what is pumped into breast cancer awareness programs and it's about time that bias is bought to public attention and some level of equality pursued..

Here are some of the efforts by Corporations and Gov. departments regarding breast cancer..

Estee Lauder Campaign - To date, BCRF has raised more than US$285 million
Susan G Komen.  Million Dollar Council Elite -Donate one million dollars or more per year - Ford, Bank of America, American Airlines, NB, Belk, Rally, TPR, Caterpillar, Walgreen's, Pink Together, Yoplait,
National Breast Foundation Gold Partners . No dollar amounts added..
Breast Cancer Org. Their "Change the Environment" campaign..

Just to name a minutiae.Then we have governments and their deliberate intrusion in the bias..

Aus Gov Budget Allocation for 2011-12 - $1,800,000,000 (1.8 Billion) allocated over six years

Allocations for 2012 in The USA Budget.

National Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program -  $206,000,000
Ovarian Cancer Control Initiative----------------------------------------$5,000,000
Gynecologic Cancer & Education & Awareness (Johanna's Law)--$5,000,000
Budget allocation for women in 2012--------------------------------$216,000,000

Total allocation for Prostate Cancer and no other specific funding..
Prostate Cancer Awareness Campaign --------------------------------$13,000,000 reduced from 13.64M in 2010

Specific Cancer deaths in US..
Death by Breast Cancer per year of Women      25.5 per 100,000
Death by Prostate Cancer each year of Men      27.9 per 100,000

This just a small sample about what is really going on where governments have written off men in favour of women and that is precisely what we have been saying all along. If your interested about the copious organisations involved in Breast Cancer fund raising, have a look below. Billions of dollars are raised each and every year and yet, no result, none or little reduction and yet those same Companies and Universities are given endless grants to do their work with very little positive results and one has to ask the question why. I am far from being an expert and I am aware of the fact that one cancer differs from the next and one cure does not fix all, but it seems a bit odd that nothing much has been seen to be done, in this area..
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The main reason for doing this post was that I noticed an article by Amanda Marcotte, who was bitching about the reduction in funding by one of the Companies that supports mostly, the Breast Cancer program and has raised millions of dollars in the process. But that "Snark Princess" could or did not have the decency of at least thanking them for their effort, instead, she just heaps vitriol and abuse (feminists favourite activity) on that same corporation who has decided that they would no longer fund another one of their favourite population reduction industries.(Susan G.Komen cutting funding to Planned Parenthood because they are facing a funds fiddling enquiry ) This is ofcourse another one of feminism's favourite hobbyhorse and pastime ever since Roe and Wade was past(no, nothing to do with canoeing), that introduced the promotion of mass slaughter of the unborn, last time I checked it bettered the Holocaust by about 10 Million.(Currently at 1.21M in US and 50M W/W per yr.)..

The other reason was the fact that I found it hard to comprehend that major corporations like Avon, Estee Lauder, Ford and Kentucky Chicken, were all signatory and major fund raisers and donaters for breast cancer and I was of the opinion that that would have to have been a major coup, some brilliant strategy that persuaded those companies to jump on board, out of the goodness of their heart ofcourse..

Apparently not, maybe all that was required was just a turn of the thumbscrews. It was all that was needed..
There's the stunning fact that a pharmaceutical company - AstraZeneca - that makes the anti-cancer drug tamoxifen also makes an agricultural crop spray linked to - you guessed it - cancer.
There's the yogurt company - Yoplait - that sponsors breast-cancer fundraising marches but has used milk from cows dosed with growth hormones that, again, are linked to cancer.
There's the car company - Ford - whose plastic tail lights have given off fumes in the manufacturing process and some of whose mostly female plant workers have died of - yes, ma'am - breast cancer.
There are cosmetics companies - Estee Lauder, Avon, Revlon - that raise millions for breast-cancer research while deflecting criticism their hair dyes, lipsticks and hand creams have carcinogenic ingredients.
And there's the fast-food chain - Kentucky Fried Chicken - that launched a "pink bucket campaign" for breast-cancer research. Junk food for health research? "What the cluck?!" the critics cried.
The above facts surfaced when some feminist film maker produced a documentary on Breast Cancer, the research department came up with these facts. The one issue that stands out is the fact that they found that a particular plastic used in those vehicle lenses gave off a carcinogenic substance which affected or increased the breast cancer affect to grow on the majority of female workers at Ford. Now, didn't the feminist state so often with regular monotony that women's issues were being ignored and all studies were always about men and our illnesses. Here we have the facts that they lied twice in the same sentence..

So apart from cancer being a nasty, death inducing disease, there is nothing good about this topic. One issue does stand out and that is ofcouse the examples between Men's Prostate Cancer and Women's Breast cancer being fairly similar in death rates but the money spent is really the best example of why there are MRA/MRM in action right now. Those discrepancies have to stop as that same attitude filters through education, the judiciary, government funding and suicide rates, just to name a few..