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I can relate to Alcuin's explanation of the male feminist and their need for acceptance by the female sex. They actually remind me of Elliot's wish at being "The most sensitive man in the world"in Bedazzled.

One can also imagine a male feminist as being one of those overweight, scruffy malcontents, stumbling blindly down some darkened back street, staying in the shade, using chopping motions with their hands and muttering to themselves, secretly ofcourse, so no one else can be party to their imaginary revelations.  Being of the opinion that only they have been given the insight into feminism's Utopia, their holy grail and only they are the select few, proudly chosen to determine it's outcome, it's inevitable theoretical destination and they will be proudly counted as the semi elect, appointed to the position of altar boy in subservience to their high priestesses..


If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times: One of the more irritating things about the matriarchy is the endless stream of manginas trying to talk some matriarchal sense into you, peacocking their own politically correct horseshit in front of the staffroom Frauen.

These men are desperate for outer affirmation, so try to get qualified as a feminist. One way they do that is with the this is what a feminist looks like game, where they publicly build their feminist portfolios through public shaming of men like you and me, men who don't need that same level of affirmation.
Public humiliation is not to be considered as a negative to their enlightened mindset. They are the blessed, they are the chosen, not bypassed as they eagerly volunteered their services by enhancing their cognitive dissonance levels, suitably enhanced to entertain their delusional lofty positions..
First, they are hungry for affirmation because they have the personality of a woman and therefore need some outer force or authority telling them what's what. While we all need this at times and to a certain extent, these guys need it as much as women do rather than the occasional pat on the back.

Second, they were brought up in a feminized environment, and tend to see the woman's point of view rather than their own. They have been brainwashed by the feminist educational system, in other words. Or traumatized. Masculine men, non-compliants, make them uneasy.

Third, they like to talk about their feelings about as much as women do. They particularly love the intoxication of getting angry over some cause. They crave that anger like the lassies do. They want and need the sanctimony. These guys have little on the inside, so fill it with emotions. Notice that emotional types tend not to be big thinkers, though they think of themselves as such. Instead of reasoning through a problem or a belief, they emote and sentimentalize their way through, which leads to useless or childish conclusions.
One can be left in no doubt at all that they are happy and content in their newly appointed positions, they no longer have to behave like a man but only be the pretend version, as long as it is interspersed with Elliot's sensitivity factor and continual obeisance to the female superior. Wishing above all that they will assume the female psyche just like they did back in the Hellenistic period.  They too will be able to assuage the Hellenistic personification of the soul of female, just like they have always dreamed and fantasized..
What ofcourse they do not realise or even comprehend is that there is a different aspect to their groveling abeyance..
The ladies sit back and chuckle to themselves, both at the loser they've manipulated into fighting their fight even though he gains only in his own mind, and at the man presently between the pathetic sights of the peacock.
The self absorption of the male feminist is that intense that they have failed to listen to the command of their masters, their very own feminist female leaders, who have repeatedly informed them to "fecke" off. But their only response is in their in utter disbelieve as they mutter "Hugo", as if that would have some magic affect. They hope they can use that chant to castaway any negatives they may have witnessed their masters have already undertaken. But it won't work, it's just not working, as that echo rebounds and only reminds them where they actually stand in the Matriarchy.. 
Fifth, being second-hand means being a useful idiot, because some puppeteer is pulling the strings. These guys like being the furniture mover for die Frauen because they believe in chivalry. Again, it's about shaky identity: I'm a nice guy, they need to tell themselves - even though, in fact, they practice knifing other men, strong self-formative men, in the back, and in public as part of their public campaign to belong to the cause.

The back-stabbing highlights the lack of honor they have, the fifth reason these guys are like this. A mangina has no honor. Matriarchy has no honor.
They will be remembered and history will align them to others of equal behaviour and treat them with that same disgust, distaste and repugnance..