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Living with PMS is not even in the equation. It's normal Behaviour..

Lauren Lyster, who I have never heard of before and preferably from the arrogant, self serving blather it comes up with, wish I never had the displeasure..

Lister tone and comments demonstrates the typical arrogance and rudeness that American Women automatically waffle and their reputations warrant, speaks like it's ordering lunch or requesting to try on some new shoes. The usual and typical comment ,where as far as she is concerned, men are only on this planet to serve women and grant them everything they need and require. Bear in mind that females like this have been given automatic promotion and a one way ticket to an obscene income that the majority would never see in their lifetime..
Lauren Lyster dismisses men who have recently been laid off as "not the creme de la creme". She considers men to be not human beings, but merely human do-ings, to be considered worthless and disposable as soon as they are not serving as a pack mule and provider-workhorse to a woman.

As usual, the smugness of this women is not only incomprehensible but also demonstrates clearly that when you give a woman everything she wants, she is never happy. I am always taken back about how easily women can mouth abuse and make derogatory remarks about men but return that attitude to these selfish, self serving human wastes and wait for the hysterics. Not only is it sickening but it is now the standard behaviour of these women who have got it all but when it comes down to it, they really  do not possess anything that one would want, nothing. Neither manners, dignity, honour and are only interested in their own aggrandisement. Yep, any and every opportunity taken to denigrate others and in this case "Wall street" men, who in her opinion are really just a waste of time as she is so superior..

Wow, it makes them so attractive does it not, One would be lining up to spend some cathartic time with her eh!..
Another similar example is Dowd, who has been bitching for years that no male wants to have anything to do with it (men cannot handle "strong" women) and amazingly wonders why. A total cretin, a typical feminist. Spends her entire life heaping scorn on all males and like Lyster, as far as I can tell, is no different..

These are the type of women I like to hate for obvious reasons. She reminds me of other cretins of the same ilk like Marcotte, and other miscreants, who for the sake of their own egos have to put other people down. It is just the way they are and it makes them "feel" better about themselves, somehow, it  is pitiful and childish but a good example of how to behave when you really have nothing left but your own ego to maintain. It caps off the conversation with that sickening and done to death saying "as a woman", another loathsome insignificant comment that somehow assumes it speaks for all women but meanwhile just demonstrates it's imaginary superior illusion..

Have a listen to the comments right at the end on dating as it calls in another one of it's ilk to have a moaning and bitching session. Just imagine having to wake up next to that in the morning and going through life trying to manage a dignified relationship with it. I'd rather be a monk..