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We have been raising the issue of female violence for a long time now as it hits plague proportions, as well as it being a topic that can longer be ignored. The problem with exposing female violence is ofcourse that it demonstrates what level of liars feminists really are as they have always claimed that women are never violent, never make false claims and ofcourse would never lay a finger on anyone, even their partners or spouses unless it was in self defence. Lairs that feminists are, will always be exposed as the truth stands on it's own and does not require the assistance of millions of dollars and PR spin to make it work..

So we have even more added to the "Women are Violent" database as time goes on. Maybe you have witnessed some of this type of behaviour, I know I have, which is why anyone alive failed to understand or comprehend it when the feminist hegemony promotes such an outright falsehood. But it's what they do..

Video here..

Schools probe video of girls in wild brawl
LYNN, Mass. -- Two girls, apparently with a grudge, wailed on each other in a Lynn park. Many people stood by and watched, even recording the fight. Police saw the fight online and alerted the mayor. “There will be consequences for this. Not only for the girls in the fight, but also for the ones who stood by and videotaped the fight. The ones who were complacent and watching the fight and the ones who were refereeing, for lack of a better term,” said Mayor Judith Kennedy Flanagan.
Now just in case you are wondering at what age they may start that type of behavior, well, it's birth actually but that has never been looked at either but we are aware that little girls do practise manipulating techniques at an early age and finely hone them as they age..

This next one would appear to be more of a precondition than as a result of the brawl as they are waiting for the autopsy report. But ofcourse one cannot fail to see that it was obviously the boy's fault that accounted for their behaviour as the headline suggests. We cannot have the obvious victims of their own behaviour being blamed..

11-Year-Old Girl Dies After Fight With Classmate Over Boy

ABC News
Health officials and police in Long Beach, Calif., are trying to determine how an 11-year-old girl died after getting into a fight with another girl over a boy.
Joanna Ramos, a fifth grader at Willard Elementary School, died Friday night in the hospital after complaining of a headache.
"She was so nice to me; she was like a sister to me," said classmate Stephanie Soltero, crying. "They were fighting over a boy, just for a boy. It's just stupid."
The two girls and seven onlookers went to an alley off campus after school on Friday, where they had planned to fight, according to Deputy Chief Robert Luna of the Long Beach Police Department. No weapons were used and no one was knocked to the ground.
Police are waiting for autopsy results to determine Ramos' cause of death.

For more video on females smacking the crap out of each other, just in case you are of the opinion that it's rare, have a look in the side bar, down the bottom, for a list of about a dozen or so videos. I personally derive no pleasure in having to expose this type of behaviour but it needs to be shown and demonstrated to stop the feminist lies and disinformation..