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One does wonder where this type of advise is going. It's not as if women are not already working that as hard as they can at the moment. Anything from saving a dead husband's sperm to using the oven baster technique with the remains of a used condom without the wasabe. It's almost akin to going to a feminist meeting and being informed that women are really, really victims..

 How more bleeding obvious does this get. Amazingly, we have a site devoted to this corruption which has the same after taste as that "Married Women Dating" site that echoes what appears to be standard behavior as it is. I wonder if they should combine the two. Oh that's right, they no longer need to, it's called marriage these days I do believe..

How to Get Pregnant without Him Knowing

How to Get Pregnant

Before reading this article please note that is always right and ethical that the decision to get pregnant be mutual between the father and mother. It is very unethical to get pregnant hiding from the man or tricking him into it. We suggest you always talk with your man and be honest with him. We do not intend to hurt the feelings of any men by publishing this article.
The decision to have a baby should always be mutual between the father and the mother, but there may be times when a woman chooses to become pregnant without his knowledge. How to get pregnant without him knowing is probably easier than you can imagine. Whether you are looking to surprise your husband with the good news or simply want a child to raise on your own, there are several steps you can take to make that happen.


One has to admire the obvious disclaimer which states precisely what that site does not want to happen or feels it need to promote. The standard approach and thinking, that every female already knows is that a child, that solid gold spawn, ensures that you can sit on your ever spreading rear for the next 18 years and expect a check every month to follow, as easy as clockwork..

Once upon a time, fraud was actually a crime but it only applied to one sex as in today's world, it almost appears that only one sex is considered worthy of being jailed and hounded until suicide is a preferred option while the other is sent to therapy and weekends lecturing on the evils of smiling at people and being reported for potential sexual assault proponents..

One does have to wonder what level of moron, one has to be in order to set up a site that makes recommendation of partaking in fraud, blackmail and corruption ?

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Looks like it's just another clown chasing the almighty web dollars in order to make a few bucks, so why not generate a site that pisses a few people off, suggest something equally offensive. Job achieved..

More sites set up by that same "media"(Invigo Infomedia) from Websitelooker..