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One does have to wander into the realms of incredulity to wonder why SKY TV would organise a debate about Fathers accessing their children after divorce and give air time to a male hating radical lesbian feminist.  The topic of the debate with Matt O'Conner, founder of the Fathers4Justice org..

That feminist, Julie Bindel, who has contaminated this very blog with its' article, a piece of misandry rubbish, named "I hate Men"..

Julie Bindel :The Typical Abusive Lesbian Feminist..

 What the hell would a lesbian know about Fathers relationship with his children, you may well ask and also the next question of "what the hell do they know about heterosexual relationships" would definitely be the next..

One did wonder, as one also wonders why the female interviewer quitely sat there and gave air time to that male hater and never quiried any of those false claims and mantras she was wallowing in and sprouting the entire time..

Matt hit that attitude right on the head and stated that she was on the wrong program if she wanted to discuss domestic violence, this topic is on Fathers and their children, ( silly cow)..

I know it's normally painful watching and listening, and this is no exception, to watch another feminist and especially one this repulsive, obnoxious and revolting as it is, but I had to suffer it..