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How good does this look ? With female teachers demonstrating their bias and anti-male attitudes, just like they are told by feminists and their ilk to do. We have this obvious outcome. It has been loudly proclaimed that boys have been suffering the outcome of bias and discrimination, whenever it has anything to do with the Education Department. It's the same results and it surfaces world-wide while at the same time the girls gloat and claim superiority. They are automatically allocated additional assistance plus automatic allocations of awards, funding. Just charming. Not only do boys have to face the hate and bias in those male hating schools and institutions, they are even downgraded when they try even harder..

What a great society we live in these days while the world caters to women and girls and just considers the other sex as some level of inconvenience. This is just another example of feminism's equal opportunity and discrimination at work and it works so well for the privileged sex.. 

Meanwhile, we wait for the "hang their heads in shame" episode, which will be forthcoming at the same time as the "end of the Earth" proclamation or the disappearance of the oceans, whichever comes first.. 

This is just disgusting and a good reason to get males back into schools and teaching to replace those sexist females who now dominate the teaching profession up to 90 and in a majority of cases, 100% in some of those sexist schools. So what are all those female principals doing to right this wrong ?

Absolutely NOTHING..

Female teachers accused of giving boys lower marks

A key reason why boys lag behind in the classroom is revealed for the first time today – female teachers.

Ground-breaking research shows that boys lower their sights if they think their work is going to be marked by a woman because they believe their results will be worse.
It also shows their suspicions are correct – female teachers did, on average, award lower marks to boys than unidentified external examiners. Male teachers, by contrast, awarded them higher marks than external examiners.
The findings, published by the Centre for Economic Performance today, could have immense repercussions for boys because of the dearth of male teachers in the profession. Only 15 per cent of primary school staff are men.
The findings were yesterday described as "fascinating" by one of the country's leading academic researchers, Professor Alan Smithers, of the Centre for Education and Employment at the University of Buckingham.
He said the research, carried out among 1,200 children in 29 schools across the country, had shown a possible reason for the glaring gap in performance between girls and boys right through schooling.
It also revealed that girls tried harder if they had a male teacher because they believed they would get better marks. Their suspicions were not borne out, though, as the male teachers tended to give them exactly the same marks as the external examiners.
The study showed boys believed their answers would be 3 per cent lower if marked by a woman. The girls thought their results would be 6 per cent higher if marked by a man.
Professor Smithers said: "It is fascinating research. It does stress the importance of independent marking for high-status examinations."

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