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It's a real bugger when it fails to work. Obviously oblivious of the irony..

Ah yes, Tory Shepherd..

Tory Shepherd, The Punch: Hypocrite and Sexist Bigot..

 Once again this nasty piece of feminism appears across my horizon but not as a journalist for the Punch, but as a direct link to radical feminists as well as being involved with one of the "White Ribbon Campaign" ambassadors. We have already clearly demonstrated that the current advisers to the Gillard government is saturated with radical feminists who stand the most to gain by redesigning the legislation on families and women specifically. Their endless efforts at maligning all men and boys as being potential rapists and domestic violence abusers goes without saying. They claim "equality" but that lie has already been soundly and roundly exposed for the lie it is..

I have been forwarded some information by an anonymous tipster who has supplied me with some rather interesting information. In this case, some information about Shepherd and the White Ribbon crowd, more about them in a minute. First we have Shepherd..


 Anon - She (*Tory Shepherd) also knows Browyn Winter, Susan Hawthorne, Abrigrail Bray and Gail Dines fairly well too. Bray, Dines and Hawthorne were all SCUM speakers.

Tory Shepherd, an associate of the radical feminist cadre in Australia , decided to "expose" the men's movement through it's usual un-distempered purview, which ofcourse carried with it the usual hysterical claims that we have come to expect from those sexist, discriminatory nonentities. Their relentless attacks only demonstrates their inbuilt sexism and bias, more than arguing the opposite..

 More from our Anon - Tory is a staunch feminist, but not a radical, even
though she is friends with some of them. Andrew O'Keefe apparently
went ape shit when he was forwarded the last couple of posts on
Australia.  They were really freaked out that it might
harm the National Plan. The White Ribbon Foundation is looking at
receiving almost $100 million in funding from the passage of this
Plan, so other people involved with WRF also got very worried. 

So we will have ongoing attacks from Shepherd against the Men's Movement. Cannot wait. We will keep you posted on that as soon as it happens. We will also did up some more information on Shepherd if she gets a little too nasty. I wonder what dark secrets are hidden in her background?..

More from Anon - Tory is/was involved with a guy who is a White Ribbon Ambassador. 

O'Keefe, Shepherd and Plibersek all talked
about how to do damage control until this blew over. They were pissed
about the info of McLellan's 2004 visit to Canberra got released. But
they think no one will care as long as people think the info came from
some fringe hate site, (which is why she keeps calling AVFM a hate
site) and it will blow over before May or June.

We have also seen that the feminist cadre were taken aback when the "A Voice for Men" site exposed those hypocrites at their own game and demonstrated precisely what they were in the process of doing. We also showed what their connection is with radical feminists, the same people who attended the SCUM Manifesto Conference organised by radical Feminists, in Perth Western Australia in Sept.2011. SCUM stand for "The Society for Cutting up Men", which is probably not the best way to disprove that you are a rabid male hater and pretend to stand for equality, well not in my books..

It would appear that Shepherd has direct links to Tanya Plibersek and Tankard-Reist (Tankard-Reist who was one of the invited speakers at the Feminist Futures Conference)..

 In May of 2011, Melbourne was the host of the Feminist Futures Conference, which billed itself as an “active space for discussing different strategies to create a feminist future.”[3] Before the conference even got underway, a very nasty split erupted between two different factions of the feminist groups. The event sponsors first nixed the anti-porn feminist author Melinda Tankard-Reist for her speaking slot because of her stance on abortion.


Both Plibersek and Tankard-Reist are now contributors to "The Punch" site which was instigated by Shepherd to get them on board..

Tankard-Reist's claim to being a christian which diametrically opposed to feminism and it's doctrine. Work that out the next time you meet someone belonging to the Nazi movement and claiming they know nothing about the holocaust or a member of the WKKK (Women's KuKluxKlan) and ask what they knew about needlessly murdering human beings for their colour. Tankard-Reist also uses the feminist printer and publisher Spinifex Press. It's all about association..

Here is some more information regarding this cadre of male haters..

The Greater circle of Australian Radical Feminists
One little known portion of the website, which is the site that hosts the Radfem forums, is a series of pages that they call ‘The Fury’.[10] The amount of information that is on The Fury is not large, but what is on there is very telling about Australian radical feminism and how the site’s members are connected outside of their small circle. On one of the pages, there is a list of names and short biographies, which the site considers to be radical feminists of note inside Australia. There list includes,Diane BellSusan Hawthorne, Sheila JeffreysRenate KleinJocelynne A. ScuttMary Lucille SullivanDenise ThompsonBronwyn Winter and Betty McLellan.[11]

Several of these names were attendees of the 2011 Perth SCUM conference, including Hawthorne, Jeffreys and McLellan. Bell, Klein, Scutt, Sullivan and Thompson are also part of this close knit group of radical feminist authors, speakers and/or professors, each of whom have been published through Hawthorne’s Spinifex Press.[14] Two of these are of particular interest to this story for the moment; Dr. Bronwyn Winter, an Associate Professor at The University of Sydney,[12] and Dr.Betty Mclellan, who was the principle founder for ‘A Coalition for a Feminist Agenda‘.[13]
Dr. Winter has been a frequent guest speaker at several feminist and radical feminist gatherings, three of which were hosted or organized by Dr. Betty McLellan. [15][16] Dr. Winter also wrote an article in November of 2006 in support of White Ribbon Day for the website Online Opinion. [18] White Ribbon Day is an event that was created from the White Ribbon Foundation, which was founded in 2003 by a woman named Libby Lloyd. Lloyd is the current Chairperson for the National Council’s Violence Against Women Advisory Group. [17] More interesting however, is the end of the article, in which Dr. Winter and Ms. Green list who they feel are other leading voices for women. Most of the names are from the organization known as WESNET, but they also name a few other individual women’s rights advocates in Australia.


More information to follow as we trawl the bottom  of the scrapheap, of those feminasties and their actions..