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Having made a few obvious points about the opposite sex, one must ofcourse take time to recognise some rather effective and encouraging female activists who have taken the MRM side. They are far and few between but they are there and they do help in a lot of ways that we cannot even begin to imagine.

The reason for the previous articles were to point out the bleeding obvious as we see it. The overall mentality that is out there and so promoted, does demonstrate once again that the general mentality by women against men is being fostered and is growing as feminists introduce more hate and malice via their womens/gender studies propaganda sessions. That is precisely where it all comes from and it is for that reason that feminists want to ensure that women go on to higher education just so they can contaminate them against the opposite sex. It's a viscous cycle and it has to be stopped..

As Girwriteswhat explains in her video, men are seen as being the stronger, more capable side of the human race and that ensures that society fails to recognise or support any actions or claims that men are victimised or discriminated against. The perceived idea is that men are in control of most positions of power, then they would easily fix any problem or issue that affects our sex in a second, but that is just not happening as we have seen for a long time. It is more the case that women are seen as the poor little victim, the one who should be assisted at all cost and guaranteed our protection regardless the circumstances, even if it is at the expense of men..

Those are the preconceptions we face and they are what we have to overcome and break down. We are finally at the stage where the lives of men in relation to women is regarded as being totally worthless and expendable. Nothing or any effort should be made to ensure that "equality" be tainted by equal demands in education, law and government recognition. Every possible assistance awarded to women should by rights automatically be granted to men but that is just not happening. This is the argument that MRAs put across and it's one that will be won as there is no justifiable reason or excuse under the current thinking processes to exempt all men and boys from receiving the same treatment that women receive. Absolutely none..

But it's still happening..