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I think that we should give women more opportunity to invent stuff as there is obviously some bad karma at work at the government department that lists inventions. It would not surprise me that all of the inventions discovered over the last century were really invented by women but they changed the name to a male name just so men would not feel overwhelmed by the genius of women. I blame those men in the Patent office for their subterfuge, those bastards..
It's probably the same with the Nobel Prizes as well. I tell you, it's bad and so obvious that those men who accepted those awards were really women dressed up to look like men because they were too frightened to show they were women. That's just too sad to even think about..

One does enjoy the odd bit of humour and here we have come across some such article. It is originally headed as "Secret Men's Business" and the entire article is too big to lodge here, so click on the title to read more..

Now the warning does state that women should not read this unless they are away from anything throwable and make sure the kids are out of the room. One cannot be too careful these days..

Secret Men’s Business – Women Must Not Read


Objectifying Women

The objectification of women is a serious concern and when it comes to the objectification of women, no one does that better than women themselves.  Women’s magazines, the fashion industry and social hierarchies based on how attractive one looks.  Women need some help from men here.  Firstly, they need to have it explained to them that porn barely exists compared to the sheer volume of women’s magazines written by women for women to denigrate women.  The next time your female partner is pouring over the Gloss & Glam section of MX or espousing the virtues of Lady Di over Camilla Parker Bowles, point out to her that she’s judging the worth of her fellow woman purely on account of how she looks: Diana attractive = good, Camilla ugly = evil.  Secondly, that if they want to stop the objectification of women they need to take the “face” off the person.  Anonymous internet chat rooms are the ultimate in “subjectifying” people because it stops people from objectifying other people as “male”, “female”, “sexy”, “ugly” etc and instead it allows one to actually appreciate the subjective qualities of a person: their intelligence, their empathy, their understanding, their morality etc…
However, almost every woman I know wants to go out to get to know someone, they just want to judge them by their looks or their physical attributes it seems.  We men need to protect women from their incessant urge to objectify themselves, fortunately we at least have the thoughtfulness to hide our porn from their sight.  So I’m proposing we men all start wearing “brurkas” to cover our faces and bodies to stop women from judging us on our looks.  No woman should ever know what her future husband looks like or is like in bed before their wedding day.  This objectification of men by women has to stop!  If a woman should stoop so low as to ask to see your face or touch your body, be strong and don’t let her do it, she needs to discover what men are like without the objectifying contamination of our sexuality.  If she persists, shame her for treating you like an object because of your sexuality.  Fortunately this isn’t likely to happen because feminists assure us that women’s judgement of men is never clouded about by their perception of our sexuality.

Feminism is Lonely: She Needs a Man to Talk to

Feminism has long been the voice for women, but where’s the socio-political entity that speaks for men?  Now, I know a lot of men get angry when they hear women say in one breath, “men also suffer a lot from the patriarchy because it dehumanises them,” and then in the next breath say, “men don’t need a voice like feminism because they already control every thing,” but we men are practical folk and getting angry over such hypocrisy is not our style.   Rather, it’s about time we solved the biggest problem feminism has today: she’s lonely and doesn’t feel like any man takes her seriously.  Well boys, it’s time we burned our boxers and brought masculinism to saddle up next to feminism and let her feel acknowledged so she doesn’t have to keep on screaming in the dark by herself.
Now she can have someone to talk back to her and tell her interesting things like:
  • Why do so many feminist articles conclude with, “men did this to women making them victims,” instead of “women did this to themselves, making themselves victims?”  Surely if women have the power to free themselves, without the aid of men, then they must have imprisoned themselves?  Why is it so hard for feminists to acknowledge the men who help them?  Why the insecure insistence that women have to do everything on their own?  Why can’t they ever accept that a behind many successful women is a lot of men?  Did the first female doctor teach herself?  Did the first female lawyer have no male mentor?  Men have been working hard to free women from oppression, but feminists seem utterly too insecure to admit it: the very fact they can write bitchy articles about men proves that men helped them once.  Where’s the acknowledgement by feminists of the men who always wanted women to be free?
  • If feminists want a women’s choice to have an abortion, then they need to give men the same choice to walk away from any parental responsibilities during the same time period that a woman can have an abortion.  Fair is fair, give men the choice to have an abortion too, this compulsory child support business is just wrong, because it’s the woman’s choice to have a child.
  • Why are men invisible when something good or tragic happens on the news, but are the cause of all the world’s wrong? (This video is a excellent example of this phenomenon).
  • Why can’t feminists appreciate any of the good men do for women?  I mean, even when men are being breadwinners for their families they’re treated like they’re the enemy: absent father, deadbeat dad or even taking a job away from a woman?  I get it if he’s a wanker, but presumably she knew he was a wanker before she married him and if she didn’t why do men have to take collective responsibility for her individual stupidity?  Every time I’ve wound up with an abusive girlfriend it was always my fault, but that’s fine by me, because that empowers me to grow and learn from my experience.  Are women seriously encouraged to grow and learn from being with an abusive boyfriend or are they always perfectly innocent?  I’m sick of being told by feminists how ingeniously manipulative I am in controlling women, apparently, I was told once that by being kind to women I’m manipulating them into liking me.  Seriously.  Even if that made sense, I’m not that smart.  No man I know is that smart.  But if you know an example, please let me know, I’d like to read it.
  • Very often feminist research starts from the assumption that all women’s problems are caused by men and seeks to find evidence to prove this assumption.  How is this not a cult of victimhood?  If this doesn’t represent all feminists then why aren’t these people ostracised and publicly disgraced for hurting the image of feminism?  Why is it men’s fault for “misunderstanding” what feminism is all the time?  How can we be expected to trust a group who won’t police themselves?
And so I conclude as I began: feminism isn’t a socio-political tool for launching the academic and political careers of ruthless women hungry for power, and narcissistic self-worship.  No women could ever think like that, they’re just all too nice.  It’s just odd that’s been the only thing the feminist movement has visibly achieved.  That and possibly making men feel ashamed for being alive.  But hey, we’re tough.  We can cop that.  For now.
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