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It would appear that the "Snark Princess" Marcotte once again foments more blathering than necessary when salivating against the Komen's decision of withdrawing funds from Planned Parenthood, ever since they were under investigation for devious behaviour in regards to funding and what they actually do with it. They(Komen) are not convinced that supporting the abortion industry does actually improve Women's Health. They rightly have decided that it does not..

 Marcotte can easily be listed amongst these harridans..

Women Who Make the World Worse..

This blog has demonstrated on numerous occasions that abortions do have lifelong affect on the individual, who goes through that traumatic experience and it has been a studied fact that it does and can have an incredible psychological effects, which is some cases has lead to suicide, life threatening after effects as well as long term psychological affects that permanently inhibits one's life or worse..

Here are some additional arguments and articles..

Shouldn’t abortion doctors then be required to take the hypocritical oath?..

Post-partum Abortions should not be limited by the age of the child...

1.5 million American women legally walk away from motherhood every year........

But those issues are irrelevant to the likes of Marcotte, whose only objection is that someone has dared to stop financing one of her pet projects, regardless of the harrowing affect it has on the individual or the effects it introduces on human beings. Feminists do not regard a fetus as being human, it is only regarded as that if that fetus is harmed by an assault, only then do they make any claim of it being such. But when it is forcibly removed from the body, dumped and buried, it does and and it's only then that it is regarded as a parcel of protein and should be discarded as just any other garbage is..

I find it unconscionable that governments finance this activity as it should not be the act of government to use taxpayers dollars to end the life of any human being, especially one that is totally helpless. They do not have any choice in that decision process, do they ?

WSJ James Taranto Komen Get it..
Slate's Amanda Marcotte, who was fired from John Edwards's presidential campaign over sexually explicit anti-Catholic blog posts, called the decision not to renew the grant "a shocking move" and "an act of cowardice"--though in truth, Komen will show itself to be rather brave if it does not back down amid the abuse it is now taking.
I would like to think that Marcotte has a rumination ability but that claim can be completely nullified by her penchant of following that inane mindset that only self delusional feminists fornicates with. Her objections are ofcourse straight out of the "Feminist Doctrinal-make it up as go" mentality where anything or anyone who dares to act against her left wing enthrallment, should pay one way or the other..  

 It appears that the "Drama Queen" leaves itself open to claims of over dramatisation, maximising the maelstrom of the hysterical, that only practiced professional speaker and propagandists like the particular current president,who comes to mind, ensuring fembots and addicted enabler are foisted into a frenzy by her incredible choice of incantation. All that's missing is the Wiccan's "End a relationship' spell and a smote of wort.

Susan G. Komen's Act of Cowardice

In the end, the grant money is less important than the symbolism of Komen buying into the conservative myth of good-girl health care vs. bad-girl health care.
No Marcotte, it's a decisive and practical decision to avoid being associated with an organisation that will be demonstrated as being associated with other nefarious practitioners of dishonesty and outright manipulators of public funding, just like all the others who have already been prosecuted. Now what honest money raising organisation would want to belong to that lethal Planned Parenthood and still declare themselves to be part of a quest of and making the promise on working towards enhancing Women's Health, a quantifiable aim..