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I, like everyone else in the MRM, have often wondered what the actual resistance was or is, regarding new members to join up and show a little backbone and spine..
 Like every other member in the MRM, one wonders how the hell do we go about increasing the numbers as we appear to have hit a brick wall. There also appears to be some major resistance in men to recognise the issues and change their attitude/thinking, it's harder to break than trying to get someone off a drug addiction. It is absolutely astounding why any male would not readily jump at an opportunity to join forces with an action, a movement that is primarily only interested in ensuring that our rights are not thrown under the bus.

But that resistance is there in a major way and it's sickening to witness. I am not just referring to the "male feminists", who have already sold out his own sex in a cowardly, spineless and traitorous fashion, their efforts have now been banned by radical feminists, they are even worse off. Nope, the average every day wage slave appears to have no interest whatsoever unless they get screwed over, seek others alike, join in and just moan and bitch while sitting on their hands and pretending they have actually done something..

 Not only is it totally frustrating but it's guys like me who wonder whether or not we are just wasting our time as there appears to be no commonality of aims or any indication that that attitude is gonna change any time real soon..

Red pill prescription: take ‘em all

February 13, 2012
If you are new to these hallowed halls it may be perplexing to you to observe that feminism is an ideology that spread like fire through a stretch of parched Australian brush, while forcing momentum in the men’s movement has been more like trying to ignite a clump of soggy swamp grass by rubbing two sticks together.

The reasons for this are simple enough. Men are hard-wired to cooperate with women, and women are hard-wired to cooperate with each other. At the same time, women are hard-wired to utilize power generated by men, and men are hard-wired to compete with each other, often savagely, to provide that power to women in exchange for sexual access. These realities are as deeply ingrained in our sociobiological programming as the drive for survival, which of course is what much of this boils down to, historically speaking.
Enter the red pill, though, which a limited number of men and women are able to ingest without intellectually imploding.  The effect is to strip away a few million years of evolutionary impulses and see past what we were stamped out to be. Feminists imagine they have taken the red pill; that they have moved past biology and social coercion and found a path to freedom from history and the oppression of gender roles. In reality all they have done is step up to the smorgasbord of life and demanded to fill their plates with the most delectable items available, skimming over any unpalatable burdens.

And of course they have been enabled to do this only with the support of some men by the exploitation of other men.
Red pill? My ass. It’s the blue pill at maximum strength; chivalrists and fair damsels in distress; social parasitism suckling from the tit of sexual competition, and we see it play out as it always has, from the Africa Savanna, c. 3,000,000 B.C., to the modern camps of the politically left and right, in the church and among seculars, and alas, between some MRA’s and their fellows.
Thing is, red pills are like antibiotics. You have to take all of them or you are just asking for more problems. At the right dosage, and given enough time, the results can be spectacular. But if your pills are half ingested or if you are taking a placebo, then not only do you stay sick, but you have the possibility of re-infecting others who are trying their best to get better.
The whole point of the red pill, in my opinion, is that we get to move past bio-programming entirely and into an existence that does not mandate our disposability or tolerate abuse, by anyone, even the state.  Even from each other.
So far, most in the MRM have done pretty well with seeing and addressing the knee-jerk response in men to support women, no matter the cost or lack of legitimacy (white knighting). We have also done pretty well with taking a look at how women tend to circle the wagons and defend each other, no matter the cost or lack of legitimacy (feminism).  And we have begun to sharpen our focus on the notion that both of these factors, though we call them out with modern terminology like feminism and white knighting, are actually just manifestations of what has always been present in men and women. We are learning that the new boss is just the old boss in a different costume.
This is progress for sure, but hardly a stopping point. And unless we are going to stagnate where we are (and ultimately perish because of it) then we need to complete the red pill prescription. We need to keep chugging those little red bastards down till we are able to see that the part of the programming that leads us to compete with each other for alpha-primacy also forms a mentality with the same biological roots that make men disposable and enables feminism.
I am going to use a recent article on this site, and some of the comments that followed, to point to what I am talking about.  In this I am going to directly use the words of other MRA’s. I don’t really like doing it, but it is important to show examples, and we were provided them in a quite classical way in the past few days.
A new writer to the MRM penned a piece in which he described his path to becoming an activist. A new writer doing this kind of work is precisely why AVfM is here; to give a forum to a growing chorus of men and women who are manifesting the effects of the red pill and taking a stand.
Within that piece there were a couple of areas that I thought revealed a man who is a work in progress.  The first is clear cut:
I still believe that men who brutalize women are the scum of the Earth. 
I admit I flinched a little when I read this. Clearly these are words rooted in old world sexist notions about violence; that somehow men who brutalize women are worse than women who brutalize men. It is old programming that tends to swim around in the unconscious even after the first few rounds of red pills.

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