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It would have only been a few years back when feminists like shrieking Jessica Valenti produced those charming and caring "Fuck You Friday" videos. It just demonstrated what feminasties were really all about as well as demonstrating what level of obnoxious these feminists females could sink to. They demonstrated that well..

When you have a look at the anti-feminist videos on Youtube from females, you are going to be in for a major surprise. The growth over just the past six months has increased dramatically as more and more find their voice and decide to no longer sit back and keep quite. People are seeing how feminism has screwed up their lives, their relationships, their chance of a normal existence. They can see the lunacy they have wrought all around them and also see clearly that the feminist movement is attached via the umbilical cord to the loony left wing movement..

This young female has only recently started and I found her to be a rather articulate and well spoken individual..47,385 hits..

Here is feminism's number one enemy. She wants to be a mom and have babies (about 6). Worth it just to see if you can follow the sheer word volume..
Cute as hell..153,939 hits..

Another example on feminism's sexist equality claims and make a few interesting remarks that puts the feminists in place. Good on her..14,901 hits..