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It has come to the stage in the battle of the sexes where something positive will have to be done soon as all I can see is a build up of anger and total frustration. These types of responses and reactions will not be minimised unless some positive actions are taken to stop the discrimination and the hate program that feminists have fomented now for decades.
It would appear that we are finally at some tipping point, where either action is taken to reduce the sexism, discrimination and bias against men and boys or action will be taken at ensuring that the road back to some level of equality will be almost impossible..

The frustration level is out there for all to witness and feminists are still at the grate, prodding and poking the embers of that fire without relenting or reducing their malice and toxicity levels.

1. Men tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
2. Feminists ask for proof.
3. Men provide proof.
4. Feminists change the subject.
5. Feminists ignore the facts.
6. Feminists laugh at the idea of male plight.
7. Unbiased men and women see this and research the facts.
8. Men AND women tell feminists that western laws strip males of their civil rights.
9. Feminists realize their hypocrisy is being revealed.
10. Feminists offer to cooperate with Mens Rights Activists.

Something is going to break, sooner or later..