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I have been trying to find a video that could explain the mentality of people who would support an obvious hate movement, justify their behaviour by claiming that more needs to be done and then demand that billions more dollars had to be spent to shore up that hate movement that for fifty years still has not come any closer to achieving it's goals or targets but has in that process destroyed society as we  knew it and the relationship between the sexes while ensuring that one sex is more superior than the other because they possess a flange instead of a spout..

The real challenge eventuated when trying to find an appropriate video where that hate movement decided that the best course of action would be to educate academics with a propensity for cognitive dissonance, so they could pass that affliction onto the next couple of generations of drones while charging their parents thousands of dollars for the privilege. A task that was a lot easier done than said. As a matter of fact, those same academics also ensured that those students could be jailed a lot easier as well if they were contemplating any attempt of association with members of the opposite sex..

As you can see, a difficult and overwhelming problem that may not even have any possible outcome as no one could possibly even give it any attention, not the mainstream media anyway, they are too use to lying, project meaningless opinions and prefer to concentrate on more important issues like what latest dress is being worn or whether or not the urge to holiday in the Bahamas is a better idea than sitting on some beach in the Mediterranean....

But I think I may have found something close..