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I have over the last six months listened to and read from interested parties, who wondered why there has been no action taken, no interest shown about Men's Issues, why society has screwed men and boys over to such a degree as to make us worthless. That pendulum will keep swinging in the wrong direction while we sit on our hands and just give lip service or be quite happy to foist our frustration on whatever forum or Facebook page you use to vent your frustration..

Meanwhile nothing happens and nothing will happen while we do nothing to demonstrate to lawmakers and politicians that we have had the jack of it. I know for a fact that many government department already have in place, action projects ready to go and all it needs is for some people to start making demands and request better treatment for men and boys but it is just not forthcoming..

The requirement for example, would be that a few thousand emails, phone calls and letters sent to one single department would start the ball rolling but that action is just not there and it will continue to sit there until some level of action is advanced..

This protest is just the start of that action and we need to attend these type of rallies to demonstrate that there is a force to contend with. That politicians had better start taking notice or they will find themselves out of office. This should be the way it works but we just do not get enough co-operation or enthusiasm or commitment or bums on seats to make that difference. Rallies work, we have seen that on copious situations in the past, it's a given. Meanwhile the Men's Movement and the majority of MRAs just do not follow up and give the support to organisations that are already in place with thousands of followers, who are prepared to put their money and efforts, where their mouths are to make an impact and to make a difference..

This is an opportunity too great to miss as we can use this rally to not only show support on a ground level but also take the opportunity to spread the word about other issues concerning Man and Boy. The opportunity to hand out well prepared brochures and getting more people onside is too great to miss out on..

If you are one of those people who is frustrated by that lack of effort and also the lack of effort put into Men's Issues then here is the golden opportunity to do something..


You've reached We The People Family Preservation, a peaceful alliance with one common goal in mind - saving American families.
This year, the We The People Family Preservation's DC Rally will take place April 19 - 22, and once again be held on the West Lawn of the Capitol in Washington DC.
Everyone has been requesting the Speaker Request forms so we've created a collection of forms for your needs.
See Our Live Stream!
Upcoming events for the Rally in 2012
There's quite a bit of information here for you - we want to make your trip to next year's rally as easy as possible because we need to see you there, helping us fight for the fundamental freedoms that most families don't even realize they may not actually have. Use the navigation bar at the top of the pages to find local information about Washington DC to make your trip easier because we'd love to see you there!  
We really encourage you to visit our Media Gallery page - there are some great videos and slideshows of the last 5 years. And of course, our disclaimer page is linked at the bottom of the page.

Alert! Alert! Alert!  Many thanks to Congresswoman Marsha Fudge (D) of the 11th House District of Ohio for her efforts in securing us a venue for our 2011 Congressional Educational Panel in the Rayburn Building - The Gold Room #2168. Thank you Congresswoman Fudge for sponsoring We The People Family Preservations' Educational efforts!
As advocates for Family Preservation we are individuals, families, organizations, businesses and churches; We are many different colors, creeds and national origins; We are parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and children;
We are lay people and professionals.
We are America.

Information Links

We will have a full list of places to look for help and/or information regarding Family Preservation
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      Excerpts of case law from state appellate and federal district courts up to and including the US Supreme Court which affirm, from  one perspective or another, the absolute Constitutional right of parents to actually BE parents - From the AFRA Website
    • False Domestic Violence Reports
      Unfortunately we have reached yet another fork in the road and with that comes another challenge to the American people. “We’ve worked hard for women’s rights, but we have to watch out that the pendulum doesn’t swing the other way” says Ruthie J. of the Reach FM. Ironically the pendulum has already swung far to one side and this time the male gender is being demonized by erroneous and fraudulent information. See Tom Lemons' site for more information
    • Covenant House
      Opening Doors for Homeless Youth Press Kit 
    • Glenn Sacks - Fathers and Families
      Fathers and Families is a family court reform organization with a comprehensive strategy, an impressive history of legislative and fundraising success, and the largest reach of any advocacy group of its kind.