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What a charming human being they are. 70% single mothers plus highest divorce rate across all samples..

Well, what can one say about this type of hysteria, especially when it involves the combined advantages of being an American female and a black female as well. The combination for volatility, snarkyness and obviously, a major dose of entitlement. It would appear to be the case that the "present" was more important than the relationship. I cannot figure this one out so I will leave it to your imagination, what would induce a female to threaten and attack anyone for not receiving something that would have originally been given as a gesture of appreciation and even, affection!


I will keep promoting this type of behaviour by women until those lying feminists actually admit to it's existence and that it is not in response to some imaginary defensive reaction..

'Man attacked' for not buying Valentine's gift

A US woman furious at her boyfriend for not giving her a Valentine’s Day gift tried to attack him with a knife, according to reports.
Cincinnati-resident Kierra Reed, 22, got into a verbal altercation with partner Henry Brown just before midnight on the evening of February 14 when she learned he did not have a Valentine’s present for her, FOX19 reports.
Police allege she pushed and scratched Mr Brown until he locked himself inside a bedroom in her apartment.
Reed reportedly took a knife to the door, trying to slash her way in as she yelled that she would cut Mr Brown and kill him.
Police were then called to the scene and Reed was arrested and charged with aggravated menacing.
She was released on a $2300 bail yesterday.

The unreasonableness continues as we witness even further abuse and violent action from the same sex who deny that any of it actually happens at all. In come the feminists and their automatic denial methodology regarding violent and abusive women. Feminists blatantly state that ALL women are victims regardless of their actions or deeds. Well, explain these then you hypocrites and liars..
 When the boy spoke to the responding officer, he told him:  "Please don't take me home. Mother will beat me," the police report said.
 No, well that cannot be correct as feminists tell us constantly. It must be the boy lying, how could the victim be accused of harming anyone when in actual fact she is the victim because she is being charged. There is obviously no justice on this planet. They do it so damn hard..

Also we see the boy pleading for the abuser as is normal for abused victims..

Mom Faces Jail for Making Son Walk to School

An Arkansas mother is being charged with a misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a minor after she made her son walk 4.6 miles to school in order to "teach him a lesson."
Valerie Borders, 34, told police her 10-year-old son had been suspended from the bus for a week and she was making him walk to school as punishment.
A bank security guard spotted the boy walking alone in 30-degree weather on Monday and called police. (Ed..30 degrees Fahrenheit is Minus 1 degree Celsius)
When the boy spoke to the responding officer, he told him:  "Please don't take me home. Mother will beat me," the police report said.
The officer took the boy to his mother's workplace, only to be told she was on vacation. They found her at home, where she was cited for child endangerment.
"There were a number of things that could have happened to the child," said Lyle Waterworth, a spokesman for the Jonesboro Police Department. "The child could have been injured, abducted."
ABC News affiliate KAIT spoke with the boy, who made an impassioned plea on camera to keep his mother out of jail.
The boy's mother did not speak on camera.
If convicted, she faces up to one year in jail and a maximum fine of $1,000.