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The term "Fan Girl-ing" reads a little bit weird, like a swear word, when you first come across it.  But apparently it describes the pattern of behaviour one expects and is activated in teenage girls. You know, all those worst levels of not wanting to be the one single individual who actually occupies a brain that is not overtly influenced by female crowd control, come uppence or making sure that all and sundry tow the fangirling line. You have to be "One of Us"..

They appear to be the future replicas or potential future representative of the same groupthink that we have today. You know, have to be on Facebook, have your own mobile phone just so you can  demonstrate how rude you can be with it, ensure you buy the latest magazine that will tell you precisely what to think, eat and behave, and ofcourse, how to look, what to wear and what to scorn, bonk and abuse..

All that type of terrific stuff that brings about a level of brain atrophy to some, but that would be a different sex than what we are referring to. That "fangirling" term actually has it's own twitter reference, like someone actually cares. Apart from it describing a pattern of behaviour, it also indicates that the next generational batch ain't gonna improve on the current stock versions much at all. The compliance is already in place, along with all those other brain numbing indications already vivid. But one did live in hope..

A Peek Into the World of Fangirling

By on 2.21.12


Fangirling is any activity characterizing a girl'sobsession with an object such as the Twilight series ofmovies, a boy band, or a teen singer.  Attending concerts,buying and wearing concert paraphernalia, creating Facebook fanpages, following their objects of desire on Twitter, downloadingthe latest songs from iTunes, and buying teen gossip magazines withpertinent stories are but a few of the symptoms. Hyperventilating, faces contorted with joy, screaming, andcrying are some examples of fangirl emotions.  Think of howthe media behaves toward Barack Obama (here, here and here) and you havea perfect image of fangirling.
My daughter and her friends abandoned me to hold theirplaces in the line and slipped off to the back of the Fillmorewhere they saw the tour bus and met -- the tour bus driver! They excitedly informed me they actually spokewith the man who adjusts the air conditioning and turns on and offthe bus turn signals when Cody Simpson is on theroad.  Fangirling.
Just after 3:00 pm, when the doors to the Fillmore openedmost of the girls -- seemingly in unison -- whipped out their cellphones to check battery life like a gunslinger inspecting hissix-shooter to ensure all chambers were loaded. The only thingworse than not attending a Cody Simpson concert would be to get inthe door and be unable to take shaky  photos tolater post on Facebook or tweet messages and pictures to theirfriends while the concert was underway.