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This has always been a rather interesting phenomena to me. What possible advantage is there for any male to vote for a female in order to have her installed into office. Why do men sacrifice their vote to implant a member of the opposite sex into office just so she can ensure that his needs and requirements are totally ignored and only female entitlement is guaranteed on a far greater scale than it is right now..

Why would one install someone in office who has repeatedly demonstrated that when push comes to shove, she will side with her own sex and ensure that only the wishes and entitlements are ensured for her own sex only..

Surely, as we have witnessed this sufficiently over the years, women do not give a stuff about men. Whenever there is a choice to be made, when legislation calls for equal treatment or to pander to their own sex, they automatically vote for their own. That action has been demonstrated over and over again and has been glaringly obvious for decades. There is no automatic switch in the female brain that makes that change or makes it even a consideration. Female office holders have always and with regularity, demonstrated that they do not give a damn about our sex and are there solely to benefit their own..

So why the stupidity, why the ignorance and why the denial. Most men have a good and reasonable understanding about politics and have some inkling about what the candidate stands for. Takes some effort in checking the credentials and past attitudes and behavior of those candidates. Why is it that that same methodology is not used on female candidates. What possible motive does one have to vote a female into office knowing full well or is even guaranteed that that female will bias her own at the expense of the male voter..

We have already seen and witnessed this so often as politician chase the vagina vote and just take the male vote for granted. Do you like being taken for granted and why can so many women automatically count on your vote when the outcome will be the standard ca-sera-sera(what ever will be)..

Nothing will or is going to change while we keep voting them into office without holding them to account for their anti-male behaviour. On top of that, have a good look at the actions of women generally and specifically. The majority of male haters, as 99.9% of feminists are women. The majority of the laws that have been introduced of the last few decades that violates men's rights have been produced by women. The entire sexual abuse/assault industry is run by women and they have also been involved in introducing laws that take away men's rights. It has been women who have joined together and ensured that only they are favoured and we have been tossed to the scrap heap and here you are voting them into office to keep repeating the same thing over and over..

You really do need to change your thinking paradigm in regards to female office holders and at least check to see whether or not it's an anti-male, pro-female candidate or not. It is the absolute least you could do..

Oh, you need a few examples -

Sarah(I am a feminist) Palin..US
Nancy (feminist) Pelosi..US
Hillary (feminist) Clinton..US
Harriet (feminist) Harman..EN
Lynne (feminist) Featherstone..EN
Julia (feminist) Gillard..AUS
Tanya (feminist) Plibersek..AUS

Just to mention a few and name me one single working effort or deed or legislation that any of these women have introduced that benefit or assist or helps men in any way, shape or form.

Just one..