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Gillard being escorted away from the rioting mob that her own office staff instigated..

One does have to wonder how it is possible for any Prime Minister, in any country, can get away with this level of dishonesty and still be in office. This Prime Minister's claim is that it's "because she's a woman" (another copout), she is being "mistreated" and yet, every since she gouged her way into office, not voted in but knifed the previous leader to obtain office and then stayed in office by making deals with independent members of parliament, those deals she has just trashed as well, now claims that she is being hard done by..

Never before have we witnessed a more incompetent, self serving, inept, liar. The writing is on the wall and she will have to go. But the current Labor ( party do not have anyone in their ranks to replace it (Rudd is not an option). Meanwhile her rating as leader, prime minister, has been rated as the worst in the history of Australia. Her maniacal incompetence and inability to be honest can be witnessed on a daily basis..

Meanwhile it has driven Australia into the worst debt crises by blowing 20 Billion in the bank when it took over and now has a further deficit of over 250 Billion +, wasted on incompetent policy decisions, none of which has benefited anyone except the money suppliers..

She has to go..

Feminist Gillard is the prime example of disabusing the feminist's claim that world would be a better place with a woman in charge and in this case, we have yet to witness that in Australia..

More exposure coming..

Column - Is your Prime Minister a liar?

Andrew Bolt
Wednesday, February 15, 2012

THE question we now face: Is the Prime Minister of Australia a liar?

Her Four Corners disaster on Monday night is part of a pattern.

Julia Gillard deceives and, I suspect, lies. And what’s killing her is that she does it so badly.

Here are my seven deadliest examples.

The first: Just a “part-time” typist

The Socialist Forum was a radical group that helped to bring former members of the Communist Party into the Labor Party.

In 2007, asked about her involvement, Gillard said “many a long year ago” - mostly when “I was a university student” - she’d merely done “part-time clerical and administrative work” for this “debating society”.

In fact, she’d been on the forum’s management committee, organising events and giving speeches. The parliamentary register of interests states she was still a member from 1998 to 2002.

The second: “I did not say that”

On July 6, 2010, Gillard announced she’d talked to East Timor’s President about her plan for a detention centre for boat people.

Her Immigration Minister said our “unauthorised boat arrivals will be returned to East Timor”.

On July 8, after East Timor’s Prime Minister said “what plan?”, Gillard rewrote history: “I did not say that ... I’m not going to leave undisturbed the impression that I made an announcement about a specific location.”

On July 9, mocked for flip-flopping, she conceded: “I said in my speech that one possibility was a centre in East Timor.”

The third: “There will be no carbon tax”

Days before the 2010 election, Gillard promised: “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead.”

A year later, Parliament passed her carbon tax.

The fourth: Fooling Andrew Wilkie

In 2010, independent MP Andrew Wilkie agreed to make Gillard prime minister after she promised to make all poker machines have mandatory pre-commitment.

Last month, scared of the backlash, Gillard broke her promise.

The fifth: “A bit of a lark”

In 2010, ABC journalist Annabel Crabb told a story of deception that must have come from Gillard.

In 2004, Gillard was Labor’s health spokeswoman, and “one night ...fired off a despairing text message to a friend, confessing exasperatedly that health was too confusing for her”.

To her horror, she accidentally sent the message to Tony Abbott, then the health minister. Fearing he’d embarrass her, she arranged to talk to a regional radio station.

“During the interview she laughingly confessed to having sent tongue-in-cheek text messages to her opponent feigning frustration with the minefield of health reform.

“Had (her email) been raised in Parliament, she would musically have read aloud from the transcript, demonstrating that the whole thing was a bit of a lark.”

The sixth: “The Marriage Act will stay unchanged”

Gillard before the 2010 election promised not to allow same-sex marriage.

“We have determined as a Labor Party the Marriage Act will stay unchanged,” she said.

“And that’s what you should expect to see from the Gillard Labor Government if we’re re-elected.”

A Labor MP this week introduced a private member’s bill to allow same-sex marriage, which the Labor Party now supports.

Says Gillard: “The undertakings I gave to the churches are undertakings that I’m abiding by ... There won’t be a government bill.”

The seventh: I did not plot

Gillard yesterday said she’d never plotted to remove Kevin Rudd as prime minister.

“I made a decision to run for prime minister on the day I walked into Kevin Rudd’s office and asked him for a ballot,” she said.

But on Monday came her embarrassing exchange with Four Corners reporter Andrew Fowler.

Fowler: Did you know that people in your office, two weeks before Kevin Rudd was removed as prime minister, were preparing a (victory) speech that you subsequently delivered?

Gillard: Uh well, I did not ask for a speech to be prepared.

Fowler: My question was simply whether or not you knew.

Gillard: I heard your question and I’ve answered it.

My list does not include many of Gillard’s broken promises or false claims about her “carbon tax”.

No, I’ve listed only the seven deceptions I think damn her most.

So, is your Prime Minister a liar?