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A couple of new events has caught my attention. The first is ofcourse Kyle Lovett's interview on the Dads on the Air radio program. Kyle is a prolific writer, blogger and researcher. I have posted quite a few articles by Kyle over the last couple of months, they have been filled with facts and figures that are not matched by many. His interview on the DOTA radio show is not to be missed. Link in the right hand Bar..

Also on the same Radio program is the lovely and effervescent Barbara Kay, A women I would easily term as being a lady and one who combats the feminist hate program with ease and alacrity. Both these guys are a pleasure to listen to. It does require Itunes as DOTA have archived all their programs on Itunes (They are down-loadable and free), well worth a listen..

If you do not have Itunes, Link Here..

The second item, and one mentioned by Barbara Kay, is the New Men's Journal site, which is an academic site listing academic papers, opinion pieces and articles about Men and Men's Issues which is also a pleasant and welcomed surprise, here are some details..



Focus and Scope

NEW MALE STUDIES: AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL (NMS) is an open access online interdisciplinary journal for research and discussion of issues facing boys and men worldwide.
In response to a now well-documented decline in the overall well-being of males in postmodern culture, a group of Australian, Canadian, European and American scholars have gathered to work together to publish research essays, opinion pieces, and book reviews on all aspects of the male experience.


Misandry and Emptiness: Masculine Identity in a Toxic Cultural Environment PDF
Paul Nathanson, Katherine K. Young
Towards an Integrated Perspective on Gender, Masculinity, and Manhood PDF
John A. Ashfield
The Bold, Independent Woman Of Today and the “Good” Men and Boys in Her Life: A Sampling of Mainstream Media Representations PDF
Peter Allemano
Moral Panic: Male Studies and the Spectre of Denial PDF
Robert A. Kenedy
But Are the Kids Really All Right? Egalitarian Rhetoric, Legal Theory and Fathers PDF
Katherine K. Young, Paul Nathanson
Meeting Men: Male Intimacy and College Men Centers PDF
Miles Groth
Manliness, Gentlemanliness, and the Manhood Question in George Eliot’s Adam Bede PDF
Dennis Gouws
Boaz Behaving Badly PDF
Malina Saval