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The never ending cycle of male bashing by feminists does not even remotely appear to be reducing or calming down by even the slightest factor. The endless harping by those compulsive liars, if anything, appears to be redirecting their hate movement into different areas as we witness their movement concentrating on Africa. The last continent where their malice and vitriol has not yet wafted over all and sundry, but it is not for the lack of trying..

With Africa being the proverbial basket case where we can count on the continuing droughts and lack of food. None of those nations are being assisted by the UN or any other NGOs unless they are  educated to be biased, that biased assistance is actively promoted. Whenever we witness any call for assistance, in every case, it is solely aimed at the female population and in the majority of cases, the boys may somehow or another catch the odd scrap of food falling from that vast well stocked "Only females allowed" table..

That reality has already been witnessed already in India, where women only were financed to start new businesses, most went broke after one year but that is ofcourse besides the point. We also had that fine example in Haiti, where women only received food parcels and assistance and men were turned away..

They are the charities that you support or that your government pumps millions of dollars into..

No consideration is given or aimed at young boys being dragged into mines, armies or abused by whatever means. Nope, assistance is solely aimed at female population and if you have a look at any of those sites like the UN, UNICEF, UNHCR,UNIFEM or the like, you will see females prominently displayed as their main assistance target as feminists in all those lobbying groups ensure that to be the case. Bugger the boys, let them suffer and die, should be their chant and group theme as that is exactly what they are doing..

SOS(save our Children) UK..
UNHCR(Save Mother and Baby)
UNIFEM (UN Women Only)

Just a few examples of the bias and misandry those charities organise world wide. They claim to be helping all and sundry but when you have a look at who, what and where they spend the dollars, in the majority of cases, it's pro female and no man or boy need to apply..

Personally, I will not donate a single cent to any charity that does not soundly and clearly demonstrate that their assistance is aimed at Human Beings and not at the sex of the individual. In most cases you will be hard pressed to get that information and even if it is forthcoming, you still need to check what's happening on the ground (examples of female teachers who cannot even be trusted to mark boys papers without bias does put one on the back foot, imagine where else that same mentality exists)..

Do not donate a penny unless you are furnished with the facts and details as this attitude is growing exponentially as feminists interfere even more in those charities and reallocate funds to their own sex as they have already soundly demonstrated (in Hiati, India), they are totally disinterested in equality..

Apart from the obvious bias regarding the charities, I have these articles as well to broaden one's purview..

Kenyan men protest domestic violence

I certainly wish them all the best with that effort as they feel the misandry, bias and toxic feminists at work in their own country. A carbon copy of what we have had to go through and still find impossible to get exposure or even recognised in western countries, what hope have they got..

And some further light reading..

 The Sexual Privilege List..

A comprehensive lists of privileges owed and demanded by women while declaring that they do not have any at all. Cognitive dissonance anyone..

Trigger warning: Feminism

You have to actually read this to understand just how dysfunctional feminists have finally become. I could not even explain this inbred stupidity of their actions..


Oh yes, feminists favourite tag, used whenever they want to smear or encapsulate the entire male sex in a derogatory fashion. I am still wondering what it actually means but their delusional interpretation appears to be sufficient for them to regard this as being some level of insult, Go figure..

Tom Martin to debate feminists in London

Tom Martin, what a hero this guy is and I am glad to see that he has raised some dollars, erm pounds, euros,  to help with his fight against the feminasties in Britain. Another part of the male hate epicentre. Tom's case will surface in March and this is one that has to be won in order to get some unheard of action into the British society, you know that word - Equality..