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Being a women is just so hard and difficult apparently, hard enough according to feminists that sexism and discriminating against men and boys is excusable and justified ofcourse. We have a sex that is so totally focused on itself that one is just words short, at trying to describe it. The actions by women is not only incomprehensible, it makes any action that feminists claim against our sex, pale into insignificance..

The sexism, discrimination and the anti-male vitriol is openly demonstrated on a daily basis and we have zero in the MSM even bothering to question their actions or even pose any questions apart from agreeing with it.

Since when does one determine which sex has the harder life and the other the easiest. Feminists have already ordained that their religious followers ensure that the female sex is always the victim, regardless of circumstances, in order to justify their misandry..

Here is just another example of their sexism and bias..

‘Only girls allowed' 

Plan UK’s campaign, which highlights the plight of the world’s poorest girls, launches a groundbreaking interactive ad on a bus stop in Oxford Street on February 22.
The ground-breaking advert can be seen at a bus stop on Oxford StreetThe advert uses facial recognition software with an HD camera to determine whether a man or woman is standing in front of the screen, and shows different content accordingly.
Passing shoppers can opt-in to view the ad and find out more about Plan’s work to help some of the world’s poorest girls. Men and boys are denied the choice to view the full content in order to highlight the fact that women and girls across the world are denied choices and opportunities on a daily basis due to poverty and discrimination.
Plan’s Because I am a Girl campaign aims to support four million girls in developing countries to have more choices about what they do with their life.

Link for more on the article..

Instead of taking the sex out of the argument, feminists go out of their way to ensure that only females are the sole target and will use that old and tired argument they have used in the past decades justifying their sexism and bias. They refuse to move on and they also flatly refuse to make any effort to calm the sex war but instead prefer to continually fan the flames to ensure the battle continues and the animosity grows and festers..

It is no longer necessary to claim that the feminist movement is a hate movement as they now so aptly demonstrate it very clearly themselves using your tax dollars to discriminate against you. To them, it's poetic justice..

Advert on Oxford Street shown only to women

Interactive advert  
The interactive screen will show the full 40-second advertisement only to women
An interactive hoarding at a London bus stop aims to show a 40-second advertisement only to women and girls.
The screen showing the short video campaign, by children's charity Plan UK, is located at a bus stop opposite Selfridges on Oxford Street.
A camera will measure facial features of the person standing at the screen to decide whether it is a man or a woman. It guesses right 90% of the time.
If it is a male, the screen will direct him to the charity's campaign website.