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One does have to wonder what the mindset is when a married woman would have an affair for whatever reason, get herself pregnant and just continues as usual knowing full well that the child was fathered by someone else. That constant reminder of that fling would be in that child's every movement and action, it's facial construction, even eye colour, speech, everything this child did would be a constant reminder. Yet women make the claim of being the self appointed arbitrators of public conscience, the feminist fake high horse claim(women should never be held accountable). An act demonstrated by their endless harping and scolding about issues they consider to be a negative representation on how things should be, it always appears to benefit them though. The tea totalers from the early 1930s come to mind as does the copious and unlimited organisation on the web today..

A great example of this attitude has been demonstrated clearly by Sotomayor..

Judging Sotomayor by Mike Adams..

Sotomayer is of the opinion that she is a higher level of being because it is a female and a "non-white". The ego here just does not get any bigger than this..

We have copious examples about the opposite sex, in the course of writing this blog, necessitated that I study, probe and expose the behavioral patterns and thinking processes of the opposite sex, which I have always stated was a pursuit that I wish I had never started or undertaken, as the more I uncovered, the worse it gets. It was the original intention of this blog to demonstrate to that same sex what it was like for man and boy to be abused on a constant daily basis for just being male as feminists and general society have now adopted as normal thatnks to feminist collusion and instigation..
In that pursuit of knowledge about the opposite sex, there is one major character flaw that they demand to be excluded, which they undertake and promote either maliciously, knowingly and specifically and that is that their actions should never be held up for inspection or explanation but always easily justified because they are who they are. Feminists having realised that this character flaw was prominent in the majority women, they demanded that they should never be held accountable for any of their actions at all. Feminists went so far as to ensure that to being the case by changing jurisprudence of every law that could somehow excuse that current reality. They have ensured that women are given a free ride, wherever possible and continue to this day to achieve that goal and aim. We have already witnessed that to be the case on a daily basis as women are never given the same punishment as men and it can be perceived it is for just that reason..

It has become an obvious fact that women require the same training in knowing the difference between right and wrong, good and evil, just like everyone else and that they are not the arbitrators they make claim to be. They often behave as if they have zero conscience concerning any of their decisions, which in turn may call into question their justification or stance. This is the same topic covered by Joanna and I in regards to "what women want" as well as "What women offer". It is sadly the case that showing the worst that human beings are capable of is definitely a much more emotive argument and feminists have refined that; then showing how most people life in harmony and trust. It comes back to that wallowing in the pigpen with the charlatans, harridans and toxic beings that will change one's purview of the opposite or both sexes. An act and aim that feminists and feminism has concentrated on in their false pursuit of non-existent equality..

When listening to this video below, you will hear how a woman, split up for a month with her husband, had a fling, got pregnant and reunited with her husband even though she did not want to, just because she knew that he had the better income and could SUPPORT HER better than the guy who made her pregnant. The confession by this woman demonstrates my case clearly and entirely. No consideration is made whatsoever about the affect this would have on the husband, nothing matters more than HER living standards and ensuring HER lifestyle does not change. There is no visible level of regret, of conscience or living the lie. She even states that when approached by her husband about the child that she responded in a fake and forced reaction that was designed and ensured the topic was never broached again..
How dare he suggest that the child may possibly not be his, the damn cheek, the bastard..