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The standard assessment of feminists would be to have a look at their rantings and behavior over the years. You know, the poison they sprout automatically, like an automaton, fixated like a broken record. It requires tunnel vision and a deep, natural loathing plus it helps to be a lesbian..

We have, in the past, demonstrated clearly, what feminism is basically all about and it definitely is not about the best interest of women or children for that matter. They have poisoned so many people's minds and one already knows what happens. You cannot erase that poison regardless how hard you try. You can't hide it, override it with positive experiences. The memory still festers, it simmers and it only takes one minute incident for that poison to surface. That is exactly what happens when you spend your life fighting for a cause that demands you concentrate solely on negatives and ignore everything else..

It takes a conscious and controlled effort to reduce that vitriol, that burning sensation, that has been roaring at a rate that continually smolders,  that only rage inducing information, can calm..

We have shown you what feminists are all about and we have also shown you what lesbians are all about and in both cases, the sum of the two can only produce a woman of such intense hatred, that one may well wonder how they get through the day without physically harming someone. That is how intense their hate is. Nothing could or can or is, able to change that process after being involved in it for so long..

We have Julie Bindel, a feminist lesbian, which should already indicate that she is going to be a male hater. Contradicting the standard feminist claim that they are not all lesbians. But once again they are caught in that lie they foster and promote so well..

Why I hate men

Bindel is the epitome of the current cadre of seething feminists, including the hate they project, a prime example of what they are really all about and yet we have feminists in their myriads of variations, trying to claim that "Hating Men" is NOT what feminism is all about. Judge for yourself..
but in the meantime, I will say loud and proud, yes, today I hate men, and will tomorrow and the day after.
So we have this male hating lesbian feminist, claiming loud and long, exactly what she is all about. She is a male hater and there is no denial of that fact, no one could claim otherwise. There it is in black and white, coming straight out of it's mouth and stated in writing in that anti-male, disgraced, feminist mouthpiece, The Guardian newspaper in England. This comment states precisely what the Guardian is all about as well, and yet it still makes sales and people still buy that trash..

Lesbianism supports and lesbians are of themselves recognised as the greatest abusers of women in the world. They had to create workshops and lecture tours to raise the level of abuse they were inflicting on their female partners. The hypocrisy is there for all to see and witness. Why are they given any credence at all is beyond my comprehension..

Lesbians and their behaviour and abuse levels..
While exclusively being a lesbian has little threat of getting AIDS, lesbians have their own set of problems. Domestic violence among lesbian partners is so high that workshops on the subject are popping up around the country. Source: The National Women's Alliance, " From Silence to Voice: A Conference on Partner Violence in Lesbian relationships," C. Nicole Mason, reported by Winnie McCory, Baltimore Gay Paper, 16 April 1999, p. A2, and " Lesbians Right Summit," National Origination for Women (NOW), Jan Collins, Denise Joson, C. Nicole Mason, Chris Mason, and Lois McKieth, "Partner Violence in Lesbian Relationships," 3:30 - 5:00 pm., 23 April 1999.
As you can see, they themselves live in a continual level of violence and abuse. Bettering the levels that applies to heterosexual relationships and yet they have the audacity to point the finger at everyone else besides themselves. It's the usual feminist hypocrisy at work and it's one they play well..
According to Grishick, many of these women read books about woman-to-woman sexual violence; they went into therapy; they volunteered at rape crisis centers. For people who are part of a small lesbian community, the social implications of speaking out against their abuser can be terrifying. Girshick reports that some women did become ostracized when they told others. " I've heard stories of individuals who say ' My friends turned against me and protected her.'" There are only a handful of groups for women battered by other women in the country. Source: R. Morgan Griffin, " Breaking the Silence: Sociologist Studies Woman-to-Woman Sexual Violence,"; May 10, 2000.
 It would almost appear that violence amongst lesbians is just a standard part of their relationship, for the obvious reasons as one could imagine.We have already witnessed how abusive heterosexual females are..
 Another study of 113 lesbians reported that 41% said they had been abused in one or more relationships. Source: Ristock, J., "And Justice for All?...The Social Context of Legal Responses to Abuse in Lesbian relationships," (1994) 7 Canadian Journal of Women and the Law 420.
"Only 2% of heterosexual women had been in treatment for alcohol or 12-step programs, compared with 17% of lesbians - a large difference. This may be the result of prior heavy drinking among lesbians. Or it may be that lesbians are more aware of substance abuse issues than are heterosexual women. One of the questions in the survey is ' Have you ever wondered if you had a drinking problem?,' to which 47% of lesbians answered yes compared with only 14% of the heterosexual women." Source: Esther Rothblum, " Dyke Psyche - Do Lesbians Drink More Alcohol Than Heterosexual Women? ", Baltimore Gay Paper, September 16, 1999: vol.20, no.24, p. A13.
 In one study, 15% of lesbians engaged in torture for sexual fun (sadomasochism) that included "piercing, cutting or whipping to the point of bleeding" with their lovers. Source: Lemp et al, "HIV seroprevalence and risk behavior among lesbians," American Journal of Public Health, 1995; vol. 85: pp1549-1552.
There is a lot more here, but it's hidden, denied and just ignored now as lesbian feminist take over the feminist movement with their male hating vitriol as other feminists live in denial. Makes the entire feminist organisation guilty of conspiring to keep that all quite..

What fascinates me is this comment made by this male hater in her later article, a confession that she has 'Changed" it's mind, I kid you not..

I've changed my mind about men

Can you believe that. How can a leopard change it's spots at all. You may wonder just as I do. Here we have a professional male hater who has spent her life, hating all men without justification but selectively singling out the wrong doers and applying that to all men and boys as well. Being involved in everything those male haters have achieved like introducing laws that deny men their fundamental human rights and then turn around and confess that she has changed her mind. Is their some advantage to this confession. Is this radical male hating b*tch going to change those laws back so they are "EQUAL", not on your nelly, not in a thousand years..

They are pure hypocrites, nothing will change that and not even some well meant confession that this member of the human race has finally decided to make after realising the hate that she has spread over the decades as well as encouraging and promoting it has finally caused her to reassess her life and attitude.

Give me break. Maybe she should tell that to those maniacs at the RadFem Hub or would that be too much to ask or too much of a challenge. If she is sincere that would be the next course of action but I will not hold my breath..